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Back in the gym again, squats and bench presses

After last week's attempt at getting back at it after a two week vacation that included 9 days in Europe (7 of them sailing around the eastern Mediterranean on a cruise ship), I finally got back to the gym today.  I was a bit worried that my knee might still be an issue but it felt fine.  I was a bit tentative on my work sets but it never twinged so I'm thinking last week's issue was just a by-product of not squatting for two weeks.

I kept my work volume at about half what I was doing before the vacation since I've de-conditioned some from the time off.  Bench presses felt fine in all the critical joints but I've definitely surrendered some progress.  I failed an attempt at a paused 335 single, a weight I was handling with confidence before the trip.

I knew taking two weeks off five weeks out from a competition would do nothing for my meet prep but it was a trip of a lifetime so I have absolutely no regrets.  The meet was always a competition tune-up and more impor…

Back from vacation, back in the gym

Last 'official' training session was May 5th, in the interim, Vivian and I went on a very excellent vacation.  We flew to Rome, spent the day walking around seeing history and stuff.  Took a fast train to Venice the next day and got on the Norwegian Jade and cruised around the eastern Mediterranean seeing places that blew my mind.  It was my first time in Europe and my first time on a cruise ship and it was awesome.

We got back Saturday night and took a few days to re-adjust to our timezone, play a round of golf with the in-laws and slowly get back into our routine.  I made it to the gym tonight with the intention of just 'priming the pump' so to speak.  The ship actually had a far better equipped fitness center than I would have guessed and we got in three workouts on the cruise.  No barbells though so I was limited to machine work and dumbbells up to 80 lbs. We also did a ton of walking around in Rome, Venice and on our port stops in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Athens, Greec…

Training, bench press and working around inability to deadlift

Not many training sessions left before vacation so just trying to keep moving.  Went to the driving range with Vivian yesterday and hit a bucket of balls.  That irritated my back (my SI joints more specifically) so I ended up not being able to deadlift today (again).

Got in some bench press volume and worked around the inability to deadlift heavy by doing some assistance work instead.

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3x8 sets

Deadlift:  225x5, 315x5, 405x5, add belt, 495x1

Barbell rows:  225x6x3 sets

Leg Press:  360x30, 450x30

Squat gym PR and the "Avi Silverberg challenge"

Last training session was April 26th, in between Vivian and I finally got out on the golf course and I took some days off from the gym.  To be honest, the opening of golf season always distracts me since I'd much rather be playing golf than lifting weights.  In addition, our big vacation is less that two weeks away and the excitement is building.

Since I'll be away from the weights for about 10 days, I decided that the last few sessions before our trip would be a good time to hit a mini-peak.  After I get back, I'll have just enough time to ramp up the volume and then mini-peak for my meet on June 15th.

Being away from the gym for 5 days left me feeling quite recovered and not the least bit rusty.  I'm going to take that as a sign that the ramp up in weekly volume was a beneficial loading scheme and will return to it when training resumes in a couple weeks.

My goal with squats was to work up to 4-5 heavy singles.  I could tell from my last warm-up set with 405 that it …