Meet Report, O.P.A. UTM Open 3 lift, 660 kg PR total

Today's meet went far better than I expected.  The skinny:  I set PR's in the squat, bench press, and Total.  I also won best lifter, our team, Toronto Rex Powerlifting won the team trophy, and teammate, Trisha Boyle in her first meet since April 2012 and only about 6 months removed from having a baby won Female Best Lifter.  My other two teammates that lifted, Mark Boyle and Kinnon MacKinnon both set tons of PR's and won bronze medals in their respective weight classes.  Overall a very good day for the whole team.  Big thanks to teammate Tannis Waugh for taking video of everyone's lifts and helping manage warm-ups.  She's recovering from some injuries so she'll be on the platform soon.

Apparently whatever I did to force a peak after so much time off worked to regain most of the progress I had made through May 4th, the last good session I had before my vacation.  I ended up hitting a PR in the squat of 220 kgs going 3 for 3.  The last squat was pretty tough, I might have had another 2.5 kgs in me but after missing 475 earlier this week, I was pretty happy to get 485.

First attempt squat of 205 kgs, three whites.

Second attempt squat of 215 kgs, three whites

Third attempt squat of 220 kgs, three whites

Bench presses went equally well, going 3 for 3 and finishing with a lifetime PR of 155 kgs (341 lbs).  I had hit higher numbers prior to May 4th but a lifetime PR is a lifetime PR.

First attempt bench press, 142.5 kgs, three whites

Second attempt bench press, 150 kgs, three whites

Third attempt bench press, 155 kgs, three whites

After squats and bench presses, I knew I'd have a decent pull left in me so I was pretty confident that I was going to set a PR total as well.  There was one lifter I figured would win male Best Lifter but he passed his third deadlift (maybe he was injured?) and that left the door open for me to squeak by if I hit my planned third deadlift of 285 kgs.  My first two attempts went well so I called for 285 kgs.  It was a tough lift and to my surprise, my hook grip on my right hand was loosening a bit so I didn't feel like I was able to lock it out as solidly as normal but I got three whites.

First attempt deadlift, 255 kgs, three whites

Second attempt deadlift, 275 kgs, three whites

Third attempt deadlift, 285 kgs, three whites

I ended up with a PR total of 660 kgs after weighing in at 111.3 kgs.  My 387.02 wilks score was barely enough to win male Best Lifter.

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