Spotted, loaded on day 1 of the Toronto Supershow and had two wisdom teeth out today

The Ontario Powerlifting Association held a powerlifting meet in conjuction with the Toronto Pro Supershow this past weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  Since many of the competition organizers were either friends or teammates from Toronto Rex Powerlifting, it was an easy decision to volunteer to help out on the platform.  I was only able to attend one of the two days but it was still a great experience.

Spotting and loading at a powerlifting meet is a decent amount of work but I ended up back spotting squats and lifting off bench presses so I didn't have nearly as much plate wrangling as the other 4 spotter/loaders.  On the day I worked, no spotters and no lifters got hurt so it was a pretty good day.

Observing a meet is always a good motivator and I left Saturday feeling pretty excited about competing in two weeks even though my recent vacation and minor back and knee issues have disrupted my training volumes.  After the final deadlift was pulled, I noticed there was a bar in the warm-up room still loaded with 475 lbs.  I pulled a quick single and didn't feel any back pain at lockout that I have been experiencing the past few training weeks.  So, aside from a bunch of 25 kg and smaller lifts changing plates, the 475x1 deadlift was the extent of my weekend exercise.  The big takeaway for me was that the warm up single didn't cause any pain.

Today I had an appointment at the dentist to have two wisdom teeth pulled.  All four of my wisdom teeth have been in for years but my upper left one broke a couple of years ago and recently started causing me some pretty significant pain. The latest flare-up occurred while we were on my cruise and I needed fairly regular 800 mg doses of Ibuprofen to deal with it.  As soon as I got back I made an appointment to get it taken care of and the soonest appointment was today.

I had put off getting them taken out for so long because I'm deathly afraid of needles.  Getting stuck with a needle in my arm for vaccinations or to give a blood sample causes flop sweats and nausea.   The thought of getting stuck with a needle in my mouth is almost too much to bear.  I was planning on getting the teeth pulled while completely sedated even though they would be simple extractions not oral surgery, however when I called to make the appointment the next one with I.V. sedation was at the end of June.  As painful as my tooth already was, I knew I couldn't wait that long.  They assured me that using nitrous would take the edge off enough for me to tolerate the procedure.  Since I was already in pain, it was a pretty easy decision to book an appointment sooner rather than later.

Luckily my dentist, Dr. Alvin Lo, must've had a lot of experience with children because he talked me through everything as if I was a scared child.  I can't say the gas really made a difference but focusing on breathing through my nose into the gas mask did help give me a focus point when he was sticking my mouth with needles or working the teeth loose.  I had thought that even if I didn't feel anything, that I would still hear the teeth being ripped out of my head but I couldn't hear anything.  It turned out to be not nearly as bad an experience as I thought it would be. I had visions of Steve Martin's crazy dentist from "Little Shop of Horrors" and huge pliers ripping teeth out.  It was nothing like that at all but I was still soaked with flop sweat when it was done.

Afterwards, when the freezing started wearing off, I was surprised that the pain was no worse than the tooth aches I had been suffering for the past two weeks.  And it felt good to be able to close my mouth fully on both sides of my jaw.  Once the extraction points heal up, it'll be nice to eat on both sides of my mouth again although that might mean I'll be able to eat twice as much food--not good for my goals of competing in the 105 kg class in November...

it's no wonder that left upper wisdom tooth was causing so much pain...

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