Week 4, Day 1, foundation phase

There were no training sessions in week 3 due to some business travel and a lack of desire to train.  I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of last week up at the Westin Trillium House at Blue Mountain as a guest of Kia Canada (along with about 30 other fleet customers) as they rolled out their 2014 product line.

View of Blue Mountain, the resort, and our test drives

View of Blue Mountain village and the rest of our test drives
It was a very nice place, I can imagine it must be very busy in the winter when the ski hills are covered with snow and southwestern Ontarians hard up for some skiing flock to one of the few ski hills within comfortable driving distance.  In the summer, it seems pretty quiet.  I'm not much of a winter sports person but I've been skiing there many years ago.  It's a small hill if you're used to skiing in the Rockies but you take what you can get.

Since Kia Canada was gracious enough to pick up our rooms, parking and all food and beverages, naturally on the Tuesday night, people lost their minds.  There was an open bar at a couple establishments in the village and apparently (I don't get out to many corporate events), when middle aged folks have free booze and no need to drive home, they party like they were back in university.    I ended up leaving the second bar at 0145 hrs and I was one of the first to leave.  I don't drink that much so I could see straight and wasn't hung over the next morning but there were some people the next morning that did not dig into the complimentary buffet breakfast.  

I didn't mind getting to bed late since I don't sleep very well when I'm not sharing the bed with Vivian but I was still tired enough from the trip's events that I didn't feel like training on Wednesday or Thursday.  On Friday, Vivian and I played golf and by the time the weekend came around, I was already planning this week's training.

I decided to try a new training schedule in order to better accommodate my goals for this foundation phase. I want to place more emphasis on improving my back and bicep/tricep strength and with the previous schedule, I was not leaving myself with enough energy to devote time to specific bicep/tricep work.  So, my solution will be to train legs on Monday, back/bench press and arms on Tuesday, deadlifts and overhead presses on Wednesday and Squats and Bench Presses on Friday.  It's a mix of muscle and movement emphasis.  I guess the trendy word for that is "powerbuilding" but I'm too old to be trendy.

Today was the leg day.  I dreaded hitting the gym for a leg workout on International Bench Bro day but I was able to squeeze in my pause squats among the bench bros.  Knowing I only had to hit leg presses and pause squats, I was able to work hard without having to save any energy for bench presses or barbell rows.  

I bumped up the weight for my paused squats and they felt good.  I'm definitely happy to be using last training cycle's paused squat weights after pre-exhausting with leg presses.  The improvement in quad strength should make a big difference once I put the belt back on and start back with squats as the primary movement.

Leg Press:  360x10, 450x10, 540x10, 630x10, 630x10

Pause Squats:  205x5, 255x5, 295x3, 335x3x5 sets
 --worked in with a kid who was doing some horrible front squats so the initial warm up weight progression was different than normal.  I didn't really notice any difference starting with 205 rather than the usual 135 since my legs were more than warmed up from the leg presses.

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