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Training log entry, squats, bench press, chins

Today I saw a video posted by EliteFTS featuring a leg training session with Dave Tate, John Meadows, and Ben Pakulski.  In the video, they were doing yoke bar squats, drop-setted.  It looked pretty brutal so I thought rather than do 3x10 in the high bar squat, that I'd try a drop set instead.

The inspiration for my squat workout tonight
Instead of dropping by a plate at a time, I was only going to drop 25's on each side.  I haven't trained in a hypertrophy style in years so I wanted to avoid killing myself the first time out.  After I got to 225, I moved up in 50 lb increments until I finished my final warm up set with 325x5.  I added 25's to each side and prepared to start the drop set with 375.  I got 375x5, probably could've done 1 or 2 more but decided to drop after 5.  I took a 25 from each end and did 6 more with 325.  I got 6 more with 275 and 225 for a total rep count of 23.

After recovering for a few minutes, I thought I'd do a couple more straight s…

post-meet week, day 3, squats and bench presses

Since I number my training weeks starting with Monday, this is the last session of the post-meet week period.  The first two days felt pretty good but I deliberately focused on movements other than competition style squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.  Today, I did high bar squats and bench presses and it definitely felt like I was still in the post-meet hangover period.  Mentally I felt good and wanted to push some decent volume but the body wasn't quite right yet.  I still got in some good work but it's a good sign that I'll need to be patient.

Monday will be the 18th week out from meet week.  Based on what I'll need to lift the week of March 31, 2014, I'm going to spend as much of the 18 weeks on building up my ability to handle volume with 455 in the squat, 315 in the bench, and 545 in the deadlift.  Those poundages typically reflect a top double or triple.  My target by the end of the next 14 weeks is to be able to handle those loads for 5 sets of 3 in the s…

Training bodyparts

Back in the gym tonight to hit shoulders, upper back, hamstrings, and arms.  Still not doing the type of volume typical of a true hypertrophy program but considering what I've been doing, it felt like a lot of work.

For the next 5 weeks, I'll probably stay on a hybrid bodypart/movement split to focus extra attention on muscle groups that will need to be augmented in order to build my squat, bench press, and deadlift to new plateaus.

I found out my left arm is significantly weaker than my right arm.  No doubt that is impacting my bench press progress so I'll need to get that corrected.  The last time I spent any time doing 1 arm db overhead presses, I didn't have such a significant discrepancy between arms so I know it can be corrected.  As it is right now, I'll need to keep the weights pretty low until my left arm catches up.

1 arm DB press:  65x8, 65x6, 65x5 with left arm, 10 reps with right arm

DB rear delt rows:  72.5x10 x3 sets

Kirk Shrugs:  225x8x3 sets

Stiff …

Post-meet training and plans for the future

I'm still nursing the cold I picked up this past weekend but I wanted to get back in the gym and get started for my preparations for Nationals the week of March 31, 2014.  I'm still riding high after setting a squat PR and very motivated to continue the progress I've made with a lift that has always been a challenge.

For Nationals, I'll need to do two things to be competitive.  I need to drop another 4.5 kgs and I'll need to total at least 680 kgs.  Andy Childs has been the top ranked 40-49 lifter in the 105 kg wt class for as long as the CPU has had the 'classic' (IPF raw) division.  At this weekend's Provincials, he upped his own National total record to 680 kgs and truthfully, he had more in the tank.  At a meet in Alberta, another 40-49 lifter in the 105 kg class, Jean Derek MacNeil, totalled 652.5 kgs.   If I'm going to give either of those guys something to consider, I'll need to bring my "A" game.  To quote Matt Damon from the …

2013 Ontario Powerlifting Assoc 3-lift Classic Championships meet report

I can honestly say I had a great meet even though the numbers wouldn't suggest such a thing. My training in the last 8 weeks leading up to this meet was extremely inconsistent due to a variety of things but my goal for this meet was to get everything out of what I had and to learn as much as possible.

I spent Friday evening spotting and loading the bench press only competition and then supported Toronto Rex PL club teammates Trish and Mark Boyle while they competed in the Saturday Morning and Mid-day sessions.  Trish won Best Open class female lifter while Mark set a number of PRs.  Overall a great day for Mark and Trish!  After a quiet dinner I got to sleep ready for my 0530 hrs wake up call in preparation for the 0630 weigh-in for my session.

I normally only wake up that early if I've got a tee-time.  I tried to train in the early morning once but that lasted one day.  Needless to say, I wasn't feeling super confident as I waited for them to call my name to get on the sc…

Meet week, final session

Tonight was just an easy session of overhead presses, deadlifts, and bench presses.  Just enough to try keep my body on a schedule of regular effort instead of the previous weeks' schedule of intermittent training and lots of time off.   Tomorrow I hit the road to Ottawa and will be spotting the bench press championships in the evening.  Saturday morning and mid-day, I get to watch/support my teammates Trish and Mark Boyle lift.  My session is first thing in the morning on Sunday so I'll have plenty of time to relax and get in the competition mindset.  I'm not physically as prepared as I would've liked but everything feels good so I should be able to get everything out on the platform.

Overhead Press:  45x10, 95x10, 135x5, 165x5, 185x3, 205x2, 205x2, 185x3

Deadlift:  no belt, used straps,  315x3, 405x3, 455x3, 455x3

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 245x3, 275x3, 275x3, 275x3

Meet week, last minute squat and bench press priming

So I was washing my 12" kitchen knife and somehow I managed to cut my thumb.  It's just a regular commercial kitchen knife bought from a restaurant supply store but it's sharp and heavy.  It's so much larger than our other knives that I named it "Excalibur".  Until last night, I had managed to avoid giving it a taste of human flesh.  It was just a nick but the cut was deep enough that I needed to keep pressure on it for about an hour before it finally stopped bleeding.  In the grand scheme of things, it's a very minor wound but seeing as I have to hook grip some deadlifts in 6 days, it could be a complication.

It has sealed up pretty nicely after one day so I'm hoping I'll just need to wrap it with some tape on meet day.  It's also on the other side of my thumb from where the direct tension is and the direction of the cut won't be pulled apart so chances of me bleeding all over the platform are low.

Since I had to squat and bench press t…

1 week out, day 2, squat and bench press again

It feels like I'm cramming for a test for a class that I've chosen to take on a pass/fail basis.  With as poorly as I've been able to train for this meet all I'm trying to do this week is try to get my body ready to make an effort next Sunday.  I could just show up on meet day and take token lifts to satisfy the participation requirement and plan for Nationals but I'm genuinely curious to see what I can get out of this particular training cycle.

It would be ideal to have a great training schedule up until meet day but I'd be wasting an opportunity if I didn't see what some un-intended, very sub-optimal training will generate.  I thought the training leading up to my last meet was less than ideal but I knew it would be with our vacation plans.  I still managed to lift well enough to set some PR's so the reduced frequency over the final 6 weeks was enough in that case to maintain much of the work I had done prior.  This meet's training schedule was a …

1 week out, squats and bench press

What I'm not trying to do is some new program where you peak for a meet by training once a week.  Laid up with abdominal pain again, very similar to when I was sick for a week a month ago.  I'm pretty sure that it's a gallbladder issue.  In any case, it's putting the hurt on my training for the time being.  This last attack wasn't nearly as bad as when it happened a month ago but I still felt weakened in the gym tonight.  I'm a little bummed that I won't be anywhere near my best for the meet in 10 days because it's going to be a large meet, probably the largest Provincial Championship in the OPA in either ever or a very long time.  Including the bench only championship, there will be 5 full sessions over 3 days.  I can't imagine how big Nationals will be in March/April 2014.

Tonight I just worked up to a heavy single and called it a night.  Spending too many hours in a row in bed doesn't do wonders for stability and it just felt like pushing my…

2 weeks out, day 2, deadlift and pressing

Was planning on doing 5 singles in the deadlift tonight but my back was not super perky so I only did 3.  I managed to grab a bar with very inconsequential knurling so I only hook gripped one of the singles.  I'll have one more deadlift session before the meet to get things straightened out.

The overhead pressing done before the deadlifts was typically awful.  For some reason, overhead presses are a very uncomfortable lift for me.  Not that anything specific hurts, just that the lift feels uncomfortable.  It's probably due to not ever spending a lot of time doing standing military presses.  However, since it feels so awkward, it's probably a good idea to keep doing them.  In any case, they're a good warm up for deadlifts and they keep me from doing too much with my bench press.  Bench presses on deadlift day are 'supposed' to be a lighter day but since things have been feeling pretty good, without the residual fatigue from the overhead presses, I'd normally…