2 weeks out, day 2, deadlift and pressing

Was planning on doing 5 singles in the deadlift tonight but my back was not super perky so I only did 3.  I managed to grab a bar with very inconsequential knurling so I only hook gripped one of the singles.  I'll have one more deadlift session before the meet to get things straightened out.

The overhead pressing done before the deadlifts was typically awful.  For some reason, overhead presses are a very uncomfortable lift for me.  Not that anything specific hurts, just that the lift feels uncomfortable.  It's probably due to not ever spending a lot of time doing standing military presses.  However, since it feels so awkward, it's probably a good idea to keep doing them.  In any case, they're a good warm up for deadlifts and they keep me from doing too much with my bench press.  Bench presses on deadlift day are 'supposed' to be a lighter day but since things have been feeling pretty good, without the residual fatigue from the overhead presses, I'd normally just do too much.

I'm going to spot/load for the last Ontario Powerlifting Association qualifier meet before Classic Provincials on Sunday.  As has been the trend all year, there are a bunch of new-to-the-OPA lifters entered.  Hopefully they've done their homework and know what to expect at a meet judged according to IPF rules.  I've seen other lifters from other federations come over to do an  OPA meet and blame red lights on 'politics' when it's solely due to their ignorance of the rules.  It's a shame really that lifters don't embrace lifting in a meet where the judges actually enforce the rules as written.  Enforcing the rules protects the field and benefits all lifters.  It isn't a "lifter unfriendly" attitude at all.  There is nothing 'friendly' about lifters getting credit for lifts they did not earn and it certainly isn't 'friendly' to their competition that may have actually completed their lifts legitimately.  Anyways, enough ranting!

Overhead Press:  45x10, 95x5, 135x5, 155x5, 185x4, 195x3, 205x2

Deadlift:  315x3, 405x2, add belt,  495x1, add straps, 545x1, 545x1

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 255x5, 275x3x3 sets, 255x4

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