14 weeks out, day 3, low bar squats and deficit deadlifts and 2013 recap

Last session of 2013 and the end to a year that started off with much promise and ended with a bit of a fizzle.

Training consistency:

2011:  138 training sessions and 3 competitions.
2012:  124 training sessions and 3 competitions.
2013:  111 training sessions and 2 competitions.

Health issues, a cruise, and a death in the family all impacted my training consistency over the last 7 months of 2013.  I hit a raw PR total and raw Wilks PR in June and after that the only high points were a squat PR in November.  I was able to get back to a regular schedule in December so I'm optimistic that training will go well leading into Nationals the first week of April.

I maintained a bodyweight of between 250 and 255 lbs from January to September and then lost weight due to gallbladder issues.  The first drop from 253 to 241 was fast but I've slowly dropped down to 238 just prior to the holidays.  The weight loss wasn't problematic since I plan to compete at 231 in April but it took some time to figure out how to avoid initiating gallstone attacks.

I had set some goals at the end of 2012 that I didn't reach in 2013 but they are still realistic goals so I'll keep them in play for 2013.

Goals for 2013:

Squat:  240 kg,  actual 222.5 kgs (November 2013)
Bench Press:  160 kg, actual 155 kgs  (June 2013)
Deadlift:  295 kgs, actual 285 kgs  (June 2013)
Total:  695 kgs, actual 660 kgs (June 2013)

Goals for 2014:

Same as 2013 with the additional goal of regaining month over month consistency of training.

With all that, tonight's session was low bar squats and deficit deadlifts.  I decided to switch deficit deadlifts for bench presses in order to increase my deadlift volume.  In order to build a competitive total, I'll need to bring a big pull so it's time to stop maintaining and start building.   My bench press is not reacting well to the drop in bodyweight so I'll need to make sure both my squat and my pull are ready for PR's to make up the difference.

I increased the weights in my ramp to my work weights in the low bar squat with the goal of getting comfortable with a new work weight.  I've been working with 405 for sets of 3 but it's time to push that level to 425.  

After squats, I did two sets of double pause deficit deadlifts and then did a slow single with 475 (no pauses).  It was too slow so I did a final set of 5 with 405.  I normally haven't been deadlifting after squats and didn't account for the extra fatigue.  For the next low bar squat/deadlift session, I'll pull without a deficit and keep the work weights lighter.  My goal is a lighter and a heavier session, not two heavy sessions every 9 days.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 295x5, add belt, 335x5, 385x3, switch to low bar, add wrist wraps, 405x3, 405x3, 425x2, 425x2, 405x3  26 total work reps, average intensity 76%

Deficit deadlifts:  2" deficit, 315x3 double pause, 425x3 double pause, 475x1 no pause, 405x5 no pause

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