13 weeks out, day 2, low bar squats and deadlift assistance

Most of the time I don't notice evidence of my age when I'm training.  In fact that's one of the good things about it.  Sometimes, however, I do feel like a 47 year old man fighting with the weights.  Tonight was one of those nights.  It wasn't as bad as it can be but the 'spring' was definitely not in my step. I suspect the round of indoor golf Vivian and I played on New Year's Day was the culprit.  My back doesn't like rotational stuff very much and I usually feel a bit rickety for a few days after a round of golf.  I could've popped an extra strength advil or two but I'm trying to save the magic until closer to the meet since it tends to encourage me to push too hard and under-recover--something very different from over-training which I almost never do since I generally don't train enough in a month to do that.

I've changed my training schedule slightly from three days a week to four.  The goal is to push harder on individual days and increase my weekly training time by 33%.  Today, under my new schedule is low bar squats and deadlift assistance.  For now, my deadlift assistance work is simply more deadlifts.

Since I was not feeling it, I did my standard minimum low bar session, 5 triples with 405.  By the last triple, the weights were moving pretty good and my groove felt good.  After that I moved to some deadlift singles with incomplete rest.  I would prefer to do doubles or triples but since the plates are those horrendous 12 sided things, it makes dead-stop multiple rep sets impractical.  I normally do touch and go or hover and go reps but since my issues lately have been from the floor, I need to practice the start.  The best way to do that are dead stop reps or singles.

The deadlift singles went pretty well.  I'm slowly starting to get back to my normal deadlift groove.  For some reason my form had migrated to where I was getting too far over the bar.  I'm not sure why that has happened but when I remembered to set up like I used to, the bar came off the ground faster and stayed in the 'power alley'.  That's not a specific place, just the groove where it feels like my leverages are in balance and I'm not stiff legging it or hanging off my lower back.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, 295x5, add belt, 335x5, 385x3, switch to low-bar, add wrist wraps, 405x3x5 sets  28 total work reps at an average intensity of 76%

Deadlifts:  315x3, 405x3, add belt, 455x1, 505x1, 505x1, 455x1, 455x1  11 total work reps at an average intensity of 67%

Barbell Shrugs:  405x6x3 sets

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