7 weeks out, day 1 bench press overloads

My lower back was feeling rough so I skipped deadlift day yesterday.  I had thought I'd dial back the overload bench press work tonight but I felt pretty good so I did it anyways.  I'll have to deload the intensity at some point but my shoulders and elbows are handling the workload for the time being.  One change I made was to eliminate the titan ram presses and just go straight to the eccentric only bench presses.  At this stage, I'm getting better carryover from the eccentric only and close grip dead bench presses so they're going to stay in the rotation for the rest of this meet prep.

Rather than work up to another attempted single with 335, I decided to do 330 instead and guarantee a successful single.  This plan worked out well since the 330 went up with no doubts but was slow enough that I'm not sure 335 would've gone.  Speed off the chest was great but it still slowed down at lockout so I'll need to keep up the tricep work to balance out the benefits from the eccentric only bench pressing.

When I got home, I had planned to have some leftover meatloaf, some scrambled eggs, and some saute'd leafy greens but realized that I still hadn't cooked some steaks I bought on Sunday. I'm not sure how I could forget that I had bought steak but luckily, they hadn't started to turn slimy so I ended up eating one along with my meatloaf and leafy greens.  The eggs will have to wait until tomorrow.  So that was pretty exciting.

Bench Press:  all reps paused, wrist wraps at 285 and above, 135x10, 185x5, 225x3, 255x3, 285x2, 315x1, 330x1

Eccentric only bench press:  365x1x4 sets

Bench Press:  300x2, 300x2, 285x3, 285x3    25 total work reps, 78.7% avg intensity

Close grip dead bench presses:  2 board height, 235x5, 245x5, 255x4

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