9 weeks out, day 4, Super Bowl squat day and bench press, also I de-boned a chicken thanks to Jacques Pepin

There's a big football game on tv tonight but ever since the fantasy football season ended, I haven't had much interest in these bonus games the NFL puts on.  I was actually more excited to try out something that I've wanted to do ever since Adam Savage of Mythbusters tweeted this video:

Jacques Pepin makes de-boning a chicken look so easy anyone could do it

Pepin is a legend and legends have a habit of making everything look easy but the video really made it look simple. I had been plotting out when to try it and when a local supermarket had whole chickens on sale for $2/lb (that's cheap here!), I knew I had my chance.  For the stuffing, I followed a recipe I found on the internet.  Even though there are many entries by food bloggers saying it's easy to do, I still took those with a huge grain of salt.  After all, food bloggers like to make food like lifting bloggers like to lift weights.  I'm a total newb in the kitchen  and not at all guaranteed to leave without drawing my own blood so it's definitely not a case of "if you can do it, I can do it".

Still, being a glutton, my gluttony extends to punishment as well and I decided I'd make two chicken balotines.  I was really hoping those bones came out of those chickens as easily as Pepin made it look.

de-boning success, mid-stuff
Amazingly, the process worked pretty much as described in the Pepin video.  And I still hadn't cut myself.  Chicken #2 also lost its bones without exacting a pound of my flesh.  I stuffed them both and bound them up just like Pepin instructed.  It didn't take me the minute per chicken that Pepin said it could take, instead it took about 10 but I escaped unscathed.

two chicken balotines ready to get their heat on
Between grocery shopping and my cooking experiment, I was running out of time to get to the gym for my high bar squats and bench presses.  The chickens came out of the oven looking pretty good but I didn't have time to taste them so I just took another picture and asked Vivian to taste them for me.

I forgot to brush them with olive oil so they didn't brown up as much as they should
I had just under an hour to get in my squats and bench presses so I worked pretty quickly but still got in some good work.  I had tweaked my left elbow shovelling snow yesterday (shovel hit a rut in some ice under the snow) and I was a little worried it might affect my bench press.  I could feel it but it didn't adversely affect my workout.  Hopefully it'll keep getting better and not impact Wednesday's heavy bench session.

When I got home, Vivian told me the chicken tasted good so I consider that a win.  I finally sat down and got to try it and I was pleasantly surprised.  The white meat was moist and the spinach stuffing was pretty tasty.  Since Vivian is the master chef in the house, I never have to do any cooking when we have guests over but if I did, this one would be easy enough to do and would be slightly more impressive than serving scrambled eggs.

the finished product, verdict: better than edible!
High bar squats:  135x10, 225x5, 295x3, add belt, 335x3, 385x5, 385x5, 385x5, 385x3, 385x3, 385x3  30 total work reps, 76% avg intensity

Bench Press:  all reps paused 135x10, 185x5, 225x5, 265x5, 265x5, 265x4, 265x3, 265x3  30 total work reps, 74% avg intensity

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