6 weeks out, day 3, squat overloads

My back was a bit under recovered so I took an extra day and moved my squat overload day to Friday this week.  I think it helped some but my back was still a bit tired.  This session really kicked my butt and I'm glad I'm just about done with this phase and will be moving into the competition prep taper.  Normally I try to get everything done in under 75 minutes but this session ended up taking about 95 minutes. I'm okay with that since the average intensity of my squat work reps was the highest it's been this training cycle.

Once the competition prep taper begins, I'll still try to get done in 75-90 minutes but will be doing about 30% less total volume so I'll have extra rest between sets built in.

After taking last week off, I added the eccentric only squats back in and used the heaviest weight I've used so far.  The control was good and I'll probably stay with that load for at least another week or two.  So far the eccentric only squats seem to be working well, my top single of 475 moved faster and smoother than it did two weeks ago.  My goal is to hit 495 for a training single by the end of my meet prep.  If I do that, it'll represent a 20lb increase in my top training single and should translate to a similar increase in my meet PR.

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, switch to low bar, 295x3, add belt, 345x3, add wrist wraps, 385x3, 425x1, 455x1, 475x1

Eccentric only squats:  495x1, 545x1, 545x1, 545x1

Low bar squats:  435x2, 435x2, 415x3, 415x3  22 total work reps (not counting eccentric only reps) 80.3% avg intensity

Stiff legged deadlifts:  225x8, 295x8, 345x6, 345x6

Back extensions:  15, 15

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