5 weeks out, day 1, deadlifts and squat assistance

I guess it was fortunate timing that this week is my lower volume/intensity deadlift session since my finger isn't healed enough to keep from bleeding on everything if I don't have it wrapped up.  To lower the intensity, I did my initial deadlifts from the top down.  I picked them off the rack at above knee height, backed up half a step and did my reps.  It definitely made them easier.  After working up to an easy single with 545, I did 595 for an eccentric only rep.  I would've reversed and done the concentric as well but my left hand was slipping due to not being able to grip with my index finger (even with straps).

After doing the eccentric only rep, I did two speed sets of 3 with 455 before the tape and bandage on my finger gave up the ghost.  It ended up cutting my planned session a set short but since this was supposed to be a recovery week, it was probably for the better.

Deadlifts:  top down, 315x3, 405x3, 495x3, 545x1

Eccentric only deadlift:  595x1

Deadlifts:  ground start, 455x3, 455x3

Leg Press:  450x20, 450x20, 450x20

Back extensions:  15, 15

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