3 weeks out, day 2, bench press

This cruel joke of a winter continued and I was not overjoyed to have to shovel 8" of wet snow when I got home from work.  Since my shovel is a combination pusher and scoop, I end up doing a lot of pushing the snow into a long pile before I can shovel it over the snowbank bordering the driveway.  I guess all the pushing and snow throwing tired out my bench press muscles because I missed my top over warm-up single of 335 for the first time in almost a month.  Since I could tell I was not 100%, I didn't do any eccentric only bench presses and instead did triples with 285 until I missed a rep.  I had expected to get 6 or 7 triples but only got 4 before I doubled on the 5th set.

To finish burning out my triceps, I did 4 sets of 5 reps in the close grip dead bench press.  I didn't take those to failure but the 4th rep of the 5th set was definitely a 10 RPE effort.  To help recover from this session, I came home and scrambled 9 eggs mixed with a bunch of sliced mushrooms and the meat from a quarter chicken.  I'm optimistic the results will be excellent.

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x10, 185x5, 225x3, 255x3, add wrist wraps, 285x2, 315x1, 335x0, 285x3x4 sets, 285x2    28 total work reps, 78.4% avg intensity

Close grip dead bench press:  245x4x5 sets

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