2 weeks out, day 1 deadlifts and squat assistance

I took the weekend off while I was fighting off the remnants of the cold that I started on Friday.  This week starts my pre-competition taper.  This week is lower volume but still working up to a decent heavy single.  Although my back felt a little tired, the bar moved pretty well on deadlifts tonight.  I managed to miss my attempt at 605 again although I did get it off the ground.  I probably could've finished the rep if it mattered for anything but grinding up a heavy single in the gym wouldn't do me any good for my meet in two weeks.  The 585x1 that came before it moved as well as it's moved in the past 6 years so I'm still optimistic I'll be able to take 280 kgs as a second attempt.  A meet psyche, solid platform, and deadlift slippers add many pounds to my limit attempt deadlifts, or at least they have in every meet in the past.

Finished up with some squat triples at 78%.  Tomorrow I'll bench press, pretty much normal volume and intensity since I tend to recover from the bench session pretty quickly.  Friday will be heavy squat singles and then a few sets of 3 in the deadlift.

Deadlift:  315x3, 405x2, add belt 495x2, 545x1, 585x1, 605x0

Squats:  135x10, 225x5, low bar, 295x3, add belt 345x3, add wrist wraps, 385x3, 385x3, 385x3

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