Meet Report 2014 CPU Nationals, 105 kg wt class, M1 (40-49)

in front of the stage the day before my lifting session

tl;dr  650 kg total, increased my Wilks personal record a little bit to 389.73, came in 2nd but had the 3rd best  total among 105kg lifters between 40-49 yrs of age

Ever since the 2014 CPU Nationals were awarded to the Niagara Powerlifting Club about 14 months ago, it's been one long preparation period.  Travel is expensive in both dollars and vacation days so I hadn't competed in a National meet since 2010 when they were in Quebec City.  Knowing the Nationals were going to be a short drive away this year, I knew this would be a great opportunity to lift at the National stage once again.

Over the previous 14 months, my training has gone very well, albeit with some interruptions along the way.  The last 4 months have been very consistent training months and I can say that I was as well prepared for this meet as I can ever remember.  My weight didn't drop as fast as it had earlier when I was still trying to get a handle on how to avoid gallbladder attacks so I ended up having to cut about 5 lbs the last week.  I ended up overshooting by a couple pounds.  I think this had a minor effect on my squats and bench presses.

After weighing in at 104.0 kgs, 5.4 kgs (about 12 lbs) less than what I weighed at Provincials in November, I re-hydrated and re-fueled, took my advil, a couple 100 mg caffeine tabs and relaxed until it was time to warm up for the squat.

Originally there were 4 lifters in my age/weight class.  It was going to be a fun day as it looked like I was going to need to pull a big third attempt deadlift to have a chance to pass two of them.  Although my deadlift is my best lift, it's also the lift that benefits the most from being 'mental'.  Since there are usually very few competitors in my age/weight class, usually I'm pulling with little external motivation.  I find it's much more beneficial when I have a reason to pull--to pass someone on the podium, to win best lifter, etc.  Some lifters are motivated to break records but I haven't found that to be the case for me.

Squat warm ups felt great and my opener was nice and smooth. At the end of the first attempts, one of the lifters in my wt class went down on his first attempt squat.  Turns out he had torn a muscle and was out of the competition.  Just like that, we were down to three and any competitive reasons to need to pull a deadlift were gone.  So that was a minor disappointment for me, but much more of one for the injured lifter.  Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.

207.5 kg opening attempt, good lift

My second attempt at 220 kgs was a bit of a grind.   My lifetime PR is 222.5 kgs done in November at a 109.4 kgs bodyweight.  This lift was a 12.5 kg PR at this weight class.

220 kg second attempt, good lift.  The extra two spottters made this camera angle sort of useless, I hope to have video from the front in a few days.

I jumped 5 kgs to 225 for an attempt at a lifetime PR but it was not to be. Everything felt good until the bar stopped.  I can't say I missed this because of the weight cut but I probably did miss this because I'm 10 lbs lighter (fully hydrated) than when I made 222.5 kgs in November.  

225 kg third attempt, no lift

So, after squats I was 20 kgs behind the leader and knowing that he had a bigger bench and and equal deadlift, I knew I wasn't going to catch him unless he got hurt and I didn't want that to happen.

Bench presses went about as I expected.  2/3 with a miss at 152.5 kgs (336 lbs).  While I had been missing 335 in the gym, my second at 150 kgs went up in a way that I thought I had another 2.5 kgs.  Turns out I didn't and it was the same sticking point I've had in the gym, my triceps were just slow and couldn't catch and release the momentum off the chest.  At least I know what I need to continue doing in the gym.

142.5 kg first attempt, good lift

150 kg second attempt, good lift

152.5 kg third attempt, no lift

By now I was 30 kgs down at sub-total time but I was still having a good meet despite going 4/6 so I was looking forward to deadlifts.  At Provincials last November I missed my 280 kg second attempt deadlift after taking 11 seconds to get it almost to lockout.  My training prior to that meet had suffered and I knew my deadlift was de-trained but I had thought I could still 'will' a 280 pull that day.  After that meet, I knew I needed to do some work and get my deadlift back in shape so I made it a priority to get in a lot more pulling.

The work paid off because I was able pull 280 kgs as a second attempt in about 4 seconds.  It was the fastest I've pulled 280 since December 2012, when I weighed 112.9 kgs.  That 280 kg deadlift was also a National record.  I held that record for about 8 minutes until Andy Childs pulled 280.5 kgs on his third attempt.  Because 280 went up so well, I moved to 290 for my third.  I could've changed my third attempt to something like 281 to try to re-take the record but I really wasn't interested in setting a record for record's sake (plus in the CPU you have to pay $70 to register it or else it doesn't count).  If I ever have another chance to set a National record, I want to set it on a lift that also has personal meaning--it moves me up a placing, sets a PR, builds a total PR, etc.  Turns out the 290 was too heavy but I got it off the ground about 4 inches, more than when I last tried it in December 2012.

260 kg first attempt, good lift

280 kg second attempt, good lift

290 kg third attempt, no lift

So, all in all, I finished with a 650 kg total and second place.  I had the third best total among 105 kg lifters between 40-49 yrs of age because Leon Brown lifted in the Open 105 kg division.  While not a lifetime PR total, it was a PR total in this weight class by 22.5 kgs and my Wilks coefficient went up from 387.02 to 389.73.  For a day that was only 6/9, it was a good day.  I was happy that my deadlift is back and I look forward to continued work and hitting that 290 kg deadlift and more in the future.  Big thanks to my Toronto Rex Powerlifting Club teammates and of course, to my Vivian for all of her support while I chase this hobby like a little kid.  xoxo

First place: Andy Childs 680.5 kgs  Second Place:  me 650 kgs  Third Place: Roberto Celio 600 kgs

Silver medal, 2014 CPU National Championships, classic division 105 kg wt class, M1 (40-49)

back of the silver medal

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