W1D1, hypertrophy phase

This week starts the hypertrophy process in earnest.  It'll take a while to really get back into it but after tonight's session, I can already feel the gears changing and training starting to feel like it did when I was a kid and trying to gain muscle.

I figure it'll be hard to gain much muscle at my age but if I can even gain 2-3 pounds over the next year, the added mass should be good for 25-40 pounds on my total even at current levels of relative inefficiency.  I came to this WAG by taking my estimated lean mass of 190 lbs and using 60% as the amount of lean mass that is muscle.  Based on my current total of 1430 at this bodyweight, I'm getting about 12.5 lbs for every 1lb of muscle.  I'm hoping that along the way, I'll improve my efficiency so that when I increase my completely unscientifically estimated muscle mass from 114 to 117, that I'll also be getting 13 or more lbs for every 1lb of muscle.  Assuming all this works out (and there's absolutely zero evidence that would support that it would), in a year, I'll be totalling as much as 1521 (690 kgs) in a year's time.

I started this session with push presses because I suck at push presses and figure that I might as well try to get better at them. Plus they're a pretty good full body warm up along with hitting the upper body.  After push presses, two types of deadlifts and then some accessory work.  Felt pretty good to train for muscular fatigue instead of bar speed (accessory work only).  I think it'll take about a month to fully get in the swing of things but it's coming back fast.

Push Press:  135x5, 165x5, add belt, 185x5, 205x4, 225x1

Deficit deadlift:  2" deficit, 315x5, 405x5, add belt, 455x5

Snatch grip deadlift:  405x3, 405x3, 405x3

Accessory work:

Seated cable row:  130x10, 150x6, 140x8, 140x6

Face pulls:  110x12, 110x12, 110x12

Arnold press:  35x10, 35x6, 35x8

Weighted back extensions:  60x12, 60x10, 60x10

DB hammer curls:  55x6, 55x6, 55x6


  1. How do you handle the muscle discomfort? I feel like I have the flu when I work that hard.

    1. I'm still early in the adaptation phase, I'm not yet able to train hard enough to feel that bad. I think I'll get there pretty quickly, it seems to be coming back fast but for now, I'm still getting used to pushing the fatigue/pain barrier.

  2. So, if you just continue, the fatigue and overall discomfort gets better? I opted to run 6 miles instead of my dead lift/light bench press session. I have not been as tired either. Lifting hard 4 times a week was really wearing me down.

    1. it should eventually improve so if 4 days a week is wearing you down, nothing wrong with going with 3 days or 2 hard and 2 less hard days until you can ramp up the intensity a little. It's always a balance between volume and intensity, hard to increase both at the same time but if you ratchet up one and then the other, over time you'll find you've increased your ability to recover from more of each.


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