22 weeks out, day 2, bench press and deadlifts

At last weekend's meet, my teammate Tannis mentioned that she found it interesting/curious that one of the lifters in my flight was listening to some Evanescence at hearing loss inducing levels as he waited to make his competition attempts.  Since I had to admit that Evanescence shows up in more than one playlist on my iPod, I didn't find it that unusual.  Still, quite a different selection than the usual assortment of angry metal.

So on Monday, I noticed there was a new follower on my twitter account, @bmb_shl.  Everyone gets these, they're usually just automated follows orchestrated by some social media marketing company.  However, the description was interesting so I went to their page and found that I liked their music.  I loaded their newly released album onto my iPod and I've been listening to it for my past two workouts.  I've set two rep PR's in the bench press in my past two workouts so I guess it's my lucky charm.

more angsty than angry but it works for me
 So with BMBSHL playing through my headphones, I bench pressed and deadlifted today.  I set a rep PR with a set of 275x7 in the bench press and tried to sumo deadlift.  Every off-season, I experiment with sumo deadlifts but I'm really thinking I need to give it a longer trial.  I don't feel like I've got that many more big conventional pulls left in my back and if I'm somehow able to get the sumo deadlift to work, it might make my training a little more efficient.

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x5, 225x5, 255x5, add wrist wraps, 275x7 (rep PR), 275x5, 275x5

Sumo Deadlift:  225x5, 275x5, 315x5, 365x5, 405x3, 455x3

DB flyes:  55x10, 65x6, 65x8

Seated cable row:  150x10, 170x6, 160x6

Seated face pulls:  40x12, 40x8, 40x8

455x3 lot of form work to do to convert this wide stance deadlift into an actual sumo deadlift

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