Indochino suit review, Pt II, the remade suit arrived

See Pt 1 here:  Chronic iron overload presents a challenge for online made to measure suits.

As I described in Part 1 of my review of my Indochino suit purchasing process, they agreed to remake my suit based on the feedback I had received from two different tailors and pictures of me wearing the suit that I sent to their 'remake department'.

It only took about three weeks before I received another package with my new suit.  Needless to say I was excited to see what their tailors had done to change the fit of the suit.  To make sure the suit fit like it should, I took it to the local cleaners to get pressed.  Since the suit was shipped folded in a box, the jacket had some wrinkles and I wanted to make sure it hung properly when I evaluated it.

After I got the suit from the cleaners, I tried it on and took the same three pictures that I took with the original suit.

Based on how the first suit fit, this suit is a big improvement.  I think the front to back balance on the jacket is still a little off but I almost never wear a suit jacket buttoned up.  My arms are also causing the sleeves to wrinkle at the shoulders a bit.  While the sleeves on the remade suit are slightly smaller than the sleeves on the original suit, I've also gained 5 lbs since I received the first suit so part of the fit is my responsibility.

I'm tempering my expectations a little because I'm not sure how appropriate it is to expect a 'perfect' fit when even bespoke tailors charging  multiple 1000's for suits that require multiple in-process fittings are challenged to build a perfect fit.  I'm reminded of the advice I received when I submitted the fit of the first suit for feedback from a bespoke tailor:

"Going MTM for your build will take several tries to even get close. You can consider this first suit a rough first draft."

I am very happy with the quality of the wool despite this being their entry level model and the suit is amazingly comfortable despite fitting closer than any suit I've ever had before.  I guess there is something to be said for clothing that is designed to fit your body.  Plus, now that my measurements and pattern are on file, when I order something else, I'll get something that fits.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how the process has gone so far.  I hate shopping and I always have trouble finding clothes that fit so being able to avoid the former while eliminating the latter is a big win in my book.

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