Indochino suit review, Pt III, remake #2 arrives, Third time's the charm?

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Despite the improved fit with the first remake, the suit jacket was still off enough that they agreed to remake the suit jacket again since the remake wasn't fixable within the confines of the Indochino $75 alteration credit and because even if it was, there wasn't enough extra fabric in the jacket sleeves to let them out enough to fit properly.

Since the suit pants from the first remake fit properly, they only needed to remake the jacket.  I assume they must have a large amount of the charcoal wool fabric from the same batch since the remade jacket matches the formerly remade pants exactly.

The remade jacket arrived yesterday after about 3 weeks.  I was excited to try it on and see what changes were implemented so I took it straight out of the box and took pictures to review the fit.  Despite being a little wrinkled in the sleeves, I could tell right away that it was a huge improvement.

Much more room in the sleeves and arm holes

Much improved, vent isn't gaping open as much, no shoulder divots

I can move my arms now. Just a little to be taken in I think
My next step is to have the jacket pressed and reviewed by my alterations guy.  I think there's a little fabric that can be taken in across the shoulder blades and I might have the seat let out in the pants but I really think there's a good chance that this one will be a keeper.

Throughout this whole process, Indochino has really shown that they are committed to their promise to making it right if the suit doesn't meet expectations.  While the process has taken longer than I originally anticipated, finally having a suit that fits and the ability to order future suits, jackets, or pants that will also fit properly is a huge win for me.


  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2014

    The upper back is still too wide while the front balance remains extremely short. Do you realize that the issue with the short front balance of the jacket has actually worsened from the first attempt and has not improved from the second remake? Jacket quarters are crossing/overlapping even further below the button and the fron bottom side of the jacket are actually sloping downward to the sides when the bottom edge should be at most horizontal if not sloping slightly upward.

    1. Thanks for your observations! What do I need to communicate to them in order to fix the short front balance? With every remake, I send them the pictures, I wonder why their tailors don't see it and take steps to fix it?

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