12 weeks out, Day 3, sumo deadlift and squats

I made it through another AM/PM training day and I think it's getting easier to get up for the morning session.  I still need to work on getting to bed another 30 minutes earlier but so far it seems like I'm adjusting.  In the morning I did sumo deadlifts, kirk shrugs, seated cable rows and face pulls, and hanging leg raises.  I continued working on the max width sumo pull and felt comfortable enough to increase my work weight for my final two sets of 5.  So far so good, will keep inching up the work weight and see how everything feels.

I felt just a little bit "low energy" for the PM session but my back felt pretty good and I was able to get back to doing 365 for 5x5 on the high bar squats.  After some leg extension and seated leg curls, I spent some time in the steam room.  I don't know why I don't use the steam room more often after a workout.  It always leaves me feeling extremely relaxed, as if it kickstarts the recovery process.  It'll definitely be used after every PM workout from now on.

AM session:

Sumo deadlift:  225x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x5, 365x5, 365x5, 385x5, 385x5

Kirk Shrugs:  225x6x3 sets

Seated cable rows:  150x8x3 sets

Seated face pulls:  50x8, 50x8, 40x8

Hanging leg raises:  20, 15

PM session:

High bar squats:  135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, add belt, 315x5, 365x5x5 sets

Leg extensions:  140x10x3 sets

Seated leg curls:  100x10, 110x10, 110x8

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