4 weeks out, Day 3 bench press and Day 4 squats

Wednesday morning's heavy bench presses went exactly like last Wednesday's heavy bench presses.  That is to say, I felt under-recovered from Monday's bench presses and Tuesday night's heavy squats.  I will probably switch up the order of bench press workouts next week or the week after we get back from Vegas in order to put more 'fresh time' under heavy weights in an attempt to peak for the meet.  For now, I'm okay with it since the slight fatigue isn't spilling over to my joints.

This morning's light squats felt rough as they have been the past few weeks but the bar moved well and there was no lingering soreness.  I almost went to the gym tonight for heavy deadlifts before I remembered that I had moved heavy deadlifts to their own day on Saturdays.  I will gladly go to bed an hour earlier and take advantage of extra recovery time.

So, one weekend, Vivian needed to shop for some hair products so we went to one of those stores that sells beauty supplies to professional but also sells to the general public.  Since I don't have much to do in a store like that, I figured I'd look for a comb and see if there was anything interesting. I learned two things, one of which I've found very helpful.  First, I found out that there is a such thing as a $36 comb.  Apparently a brand called, "Denman" is the top of the line for hair professionals and what looks like an ordinary plastic comb is actually a high-tech, anti-static, piece of precision tooling.  I did not buy a $36 comb.  I found a cheap plastic one.  I only have to style (and that's a huge stretch of the word) one head of rapidly diminishing hair.

The other thing I found was something called, "Gehwol foot + shoe deodorant".  It looked very official and had a foreign name so I hoped maybe it was some kind of nuclear powered death spray that would tame knee sleeve stank.   I don't know what it cost but it was less than $36 by a little (subsequent research on the internet shows that I paid about $24).  The back of the can said "antimicrobial active substances protect against fungal infections in hotel rooms, baths, saunas, and when trying on shoes."  I figured anything that could fight hotel room, bath, sauna or random foot fungus was probably almost good enough to fight knee sleeve stank.

Turns out it actually works pretty well and better yet, it neither melted my knee sleeves nor did it cause a rash.  It hasn't eliminated all traces of stank from my old Rehband knee sleeves but it is much improved.

Using this to slowly win the war on stinky knee sleeves

Wednesday AM:

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 265x3, add wrist wraps, 295x3, 320x2, 320x1, 320x1, 295x3, 295x3, 295x3

Hammer curls:  50x6x3 sets

Rear delt raises:  45x10x3 sets

Thursday AM:

Squats:  135x5, 135x5, 225x5, low bar, 225x5, add belt, 295x5, 345x5, 345x5, 345x5, 345x5

Weighted dips:  bwt x 10, 45x8, 45x8, 45x8

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