4 weeks out, Day 5 bench press and monthly review

October was another good month of training.  I got into the gym for 32 training sessions and increased total volume and average intensity in both the squat and bench press.  Total volume for the deadlift was lower but the average intensity was higher.   The main reason for that was eliminating the sumo deadlifts in order to concentrate on conventional deadlifts for the upcoming meet.


Sept:  264 lifts, 91015 lbs, avg intensity 344.8/69.5%
Oct:   279 lifts, 100935 lbs, avg intensity 361.8/72.9%

Bench Press:

Sept:  398 lifts, 101740 lbs, avg intensity 255.6/74.1%
Oct:   435 lifts, 116070 lbs, avg intensity 266.8/77.3%


Sept:  212 lifts, 81400 lbs, avg intensity 384/62.2%
Oct:   171 lifts, 68185 lbs, avg intensity 398.7/64.6%

In addition to increasing training volumes and intensities, I was also able to continue to reduce my bodyweight from 231 at the beginning of the month to a new low of 226.5 as of this morning.  I haven't been 226.5 lbs or lighter in a non-weight cutting situation since the old millennium but I'm glad strength levels have maintained or improved.

Bench press:  all reps touch and go, 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 265x8, 265x8, 265x7, 265x6, 265x6

Weighted dips:  bwt x 10, 45x8, 90x5, 90x4

Parallel grip chins:  5, 5, 5, 5, 5

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