5 weeks out, Day 4, squats

My back was very stiff this morning and it took forever to loosen up so I basically did the bare minimum for my squat workout.  I won't be deadlifting until Friday evening or Saturday so hopefully the extra recover time will allow everything to get back on track.  I think this week is a pretty good sign that squatting 4 days in a row probably isn't a workable plan while I'm still on a calorie deficit.  I think I could do it farther out from a meet when I can keep the intensity lower but being only 5 weeks out, I've got to push the intensity up from here on in.  On the plus side, I was 229 lbs this morning so I'm still on pace to be comfortably below 231 by the end of November (provided I can keep things under reasonable control while in Las Vegas for 6 days two weeks out from the meet).

Squats:  135x5, 135x5, 225x5, low bar, 225x5, add belt, 295x5, 295x5, 345x8, 345x8

Leg raises:  20, 15


  1. Hey Craig got a couple of questions for you.
    I assume you are loading your info into a spreadsheet (hopefully excel) Are you doing this manually.
    How are you extracting to info at the end of the month, formula or by Macro's.
    Do you chart it as well and if so what charts are you using. eg volume over reps, total volume, time line or trendline etc.
    What formula are you using.
    just curious as I am looking at updating some of my info and putting in chart or graphs with maybe a trendline or that sort of thing.
    Just thought I would ask.
    Been good watching your comments in regards to twice a day training. Some interesting things showing up every now and then.

    1. Hi Keith, I'm not very spreadsheet savvy so I just track everything on a spreadsheet manually. I use google docs and have one spreadsheet where I log all my workouts. Another worksheet where I track work reps and total volume and another worksheet that has monthly summaries for the squat,bench, and deadlift.

      I track all work reps with over 50% of my 1 RM. I used that cutoff when i started tracking it because that was always the number referenced in those sheiko programs that were going around in back in the day. I would probably use 60% now, if I were starting over. As it happens, I've structured most of my warm up sets so that there's usually not much between 50-60% anyways so for practical reasons, most of my volume is based on 60% + work sets.

      I've only really started to push the volume/intensity the past few months to see if I can push through some plateaus so I don't have any conclusions yet. It seems that my body has responded well from a muscular standpoint but it's too early to tell if the joints/connective tissues are holding up well. Cautiously optimistic so far.


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