2 weeks out, vacation deload and meet peaking begins

It's been an interesting 8 days.  From Saturday to Thursday, Vivian and I had a great vacation in Las Vegas. I was able to get in a couple workouts in the hotel gym early in our vacation but since they didn't have any barbells, it was machine and dumbbells only.  We did a ton of walking and managed to hit most of the eateries that we had targeted in our pre-vacation research.  We even saw someone famous while out for dinner at the Wicked Spoon buffet in the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino.

Dennis Hof and his date Krissy Summers were sitting two seats over from us
You know the food is good when Dennis Hof includes a pic in his twitter photo feed full of porn stars and featured employees

In addition to The Wicked Spoon, we also dined at Naked City Pizza, featured on Drive In's, Diners, and Dives and Ronald's Donuts, considered by many to be the best donuts in the city.  Both lived up to their billing, in fact we ended up making a special trip to visit Ronald's Donuts a second time.  Apparently many of the varieties of donuts at Ronald's are vegan but you'd never know from a quality or price standpoint as they were uniformly amazing and there was no premium pricing for any of their donuts.  In fact, the owner threw in a few extra donut holes even though they were already a bargain at $1/dozen.  And of course it goes without saying that I had to get my fix of In N Out burger (2x!).

a humble facade, incredible donuts inside

Amazingly light, fluffy donuts
Naked City Pizza's Guinea's Pie 

Double doubles galore
Despite all the culinary explorations, I think I've managed to only gain about 5 lbs so making weight in a couple weeks should be no problem.  While we were away the IPF Open Worlds was wrapping up and while there were some amazing performances, including my Toronto Rex teammate Trish Boyle setting PRs and Canadian National records in the 52 kg wt class, I felt like the lifters were overshadowed by what I feel is one of the most mis-guided decisions the IPF has ever made.

Trish Boyle hitting a PR, National Record squat on the biggest stage in Powerlifting, the IPF Open Worlds
Apparently in an attempt to generate more revenue for the IPF, the executive committee decided to change the equipment rules without allowing a vote by member federations.   Starting next year, only singlets and belts from approved manufacturers (meaning those manufacturers that elect to pay the steep licensing fees) will be allowed.  This wouldn't concern me since I will likely never compete on the international level but it also looks like the CPU will be adopting this rule starting in 2016.

It's common to see comments that the IPF and their member federations are not 'lifter friendly'. Usually these types of comments are made by lifters that are butthurt that they can't play music during their lifts or that they can't get high squats passed.  In many of these lifter's minds, "lifter friendly" equals lots of white lights for a good faith effort, rules of execution be damned.  I've never ever considered the strict enforcement of rules in IPF member federations to be lifter unfriendly.  Quite the opposite.  As a lifter, I want the conditions the same for all lifts.  I want to know that my squats will require the same depth as the meet's marquee lifter.  I also want to be assured that the 1 minute I have to start a lift from the "bar's loaded" command is the same 1 minute a famous lifter gets.  A fair competition is one in which all lifters compete under the same rules.  To me that is lifter friendly.

As much as previous complaints that the IPF isn't lifter friendly are unfounded, this most recent equipment rule change is decidedly lifter unfriendly.  There is absolutely nothing with the approved singlet/belt manufacturer rule that maintains a level playing field for all competitors.  It is a simple cash grab levied on the lifter's wallets.  Every IPF member federation has experienced a growth in membership and participation as a result of unequipped competition.  By requiring many lifters to replace their singlets and belts, the IPF stands to give back the growth it has enjoyed.  Singlets last for multiple seasons, belts last for 10-20 years.  Even if one replaces a now non-approved belt next year, who's to guarantee that manufacturer will continue to pay the ransom year after year.  And if they don't, does that mean the lifter has to buy yet another belt?

I had hoped to try to peak my lifting for 2016 when I will once again be the youngest in a new age division.  At the moment, I'm quite de-motivated to continue competing as I feel betrayed by those that run the IPF.  What is stop them from requiring shoes from approved manufacturers next? I'm not going to be held hostage to the avaricious whimsy of an executive committee that has lost touch with the grassroots of the sport.

With all that being said, I still have at least one more meet to finish so I headed back to the gym today to start my meet peaking process.  Since I haven't lifted a barbell in 8 days I expected to feel a little rusty.  In order to peak in the short two weeks period between the end of my vacation and the meet, I'm doing singles only.  My plan is to them in clusters of three in an undulating wave pattern.

Squats:  135x5, 135x5, 225x5, low bar, 225x5, add belt, 315x3, add wrist wraps, 365x2, 405x1, 435x1, 455x1, 415x1, 445x1, 465x1

Bench Press:  all reps paused, 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, 255x3, add wrist wraps, 275x1, 295x1, 315x1, 285x1, 305x1, 325x1

My top squat singles with 455 and 465 were pretty tough but I expect that'll improve over the next week now that I'm back under the bar.  The bench press singles moved faster but I could tell the groove was a little rusty so I didn't want to push a third wave.

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