2014 Ontario Classic Provincials, day 1, bench press only

Today was a long day.  It started at 0500 hrs when I got out of bed and ended at about 2030 hrs when I left teammate Chris in the capable hands of fellow teammates Mark and Trish while I drove home to get some rest for the full meet tomorrow night.

Since I was comfortably below the 105kg wt class limit for the first time ever, I decided to lift in the bench only Championships.  The last time I lifted in a bench only meet was sometime between 1989 and 1992 when my training partners and I used to lift in the single lift meets held at Venice Beach.  Back then I lifted in them because it was fun to lift at Venice Beach, I was (and still am) a terrible bench presser.

I weighed in at 102.4 kgs at approximately 0645 or so and waited until it was time to start warming up.  I don't need a lot to get ready for bench pressing so most of my warm up consisted of talking to other lifters that I haven't seen in a while.  Truthfully, talking with lifters I don't see very often is one of the biggest reasons for competing.  It's just great fun to catch up with people you haven't seen for  a year.

My goal for this competition was to hit at least 155 kgs in the bench press.  That would tie my lifetime PR and would be a 5 kg PR for the 105 kg wt class.  Anything over 155 kgs would be a bonus.  Fortunately I was able to hit 155 pretty smoothly but was unable to lock out 157.5 kgs.  I got a good tip on my bench press set up from 500 lb raw bencher Mark Giffin so I'm looking forward to trying it again tomorrow.  He said that I did a good job of getting myself tight on the bench but he said that I didn't keep my grip pressure tight while I was doing that.  He said releasing my grip just prior to lift-off conflicted with the activation that was initiated by getting tight from my feet to my traps. He also said to keep squeezing the bar, especially with the pinkies, during the lift.  I'm going to make sure I try to leave fingerprints on the bar tomorrow.

I first achieved my lifetime PR of 155 kgs in the bench press on June 15, 2013.  At that meet, I weighed in at 111.3 kgs.  A year and five months and 8.9 kgs (19.6 lbs) less bodyweight later, I'm back up to that amount.

2014 Ontario Powerlifting Assoc Classic Provincials, bench press only

warm ups:  70 kgs x 5 x 2 sets, 100x3, 120x1, 135x1

1st att:  150 kgs good
2nd att:  155 kgs good PR
3rd att:  157.5 kgs no good

After I finished lifting, I helped my teammate Mark Boyle.  He had a great day going 9/9 and setting a bunch of PR's.  He also finished second in the 74 kg Men's Open.  My teammate Chris Reali was lifting in the last session of the night and I was able to stay for his squats (3/3 and tied his PR) before I had to leave to get some rest.  I heard Dan Green showed up later this evening (he is in town for a seminar) so I missed a chance to see one of the more internet famous lifters in the world today.

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