2014 Ontario Classic Provincials, Day 2, full meet, 105 kg wt class, M1

My lifting yesterday did not meet my expectations but looking back, it's easy to see why that happened. I simply made a whole bunch of n00b mistakes.  My training had gone so well that I made the mistake of trying too many things at once.

In no particular order they were:

  • cutting weight unnecessarily in order to chase a Wilks number
  • doing the bench press only meet for 'fun'
  • basing my attempt selection on what my training suggested and ignoring what I actually brought to the platform on meet day

At Friday's bench only meet, I weighed in at 102.4 kgs without doing anything to cut water or artificially lower my weight.  Thinking that I could drop another few pounds for a better Wilks score for Saturday's meet, I spent some time in the steam room and whirlpool earlier in the day on Saturday and ended up weighing in at 100.9 for Saturday night's full meet.  My reasoning was that since I was lighter, I only needed to hit a 660 total to hit the 400 Wilks score that I wanted.  What I did not consider was that even the minor dehydration, in conjunction with competing the day before, would have an effect on my lifting.

I did the bench press only meet the day before because I thought it would be fun.  It was fun.  I did not think it would affect my bench pressing the following day but in conjunction with my other mistakes, it did.

My training had gone well, better than it had prior to my last meet when I squatted a PR of 225 kgs.  I decided to trust my training and go to 227.5 kgs for my second attempt without taking into consideration how I actually felt in the moment.  While there is a valid reason to trust your training, it still needs to be tempered by how you're actually lifting that day. I make a rookie mistake and proceeded to get pinned twice by 227.5 kgs.

Had I not made even one of the last two mistakes, I would've easily found another 5 kgs on the platform yesterday and set a new Wilks PR.  As it was, with all three mistakes, I still had the second best meet of my life from a Wilks score perspective (388.10 vs my 389.73 Wilks PR).  If I had not made any of the mistakes, I would've likely been able to exceed my total PR in the 105 kg wt class of 650 kgs.

So, strangely enough, despite having a thoroughly underwhelming meet from a lifting perspective, I came away from the meet with a lot of positives and more enthusiasm for atoning for those mistakes than I expected.  Normally, the day after a meet, training is the last thing I'm thinking about but I woke up today already thinking about training for the next meet.  I'm not yet sure when that will be but I won't be making those same mistakes again.


attempt 1:  215 kgs, good
attempts 2 and 3:  227.5 kgs no good

215 kg squat

Bench Press:

attempt 1:  145 kgs, good
attempt 2:  150 kgs, good
attempt 3:  155 kgs, no good

150 kg bench press


attempt 1:  255 kgs, good
attempt 2:  275 kgs, good
attempt 3:  285 kgs, did not attempt, timed out, 2nd attempt took too much out of me.
275 kg deadlift

Total:  640 kgs, 388.1 wilks, second place

bronze in the bench only, silver in the full meet

Other observations from the meet:

photo opportunity with Frances Manias, Joanne Rieber, and World Champ Kim Walford

  • my back didn't hurt after deadlifts, it was just tired.  That's a nice change and it means I should be able to actually train it properly for the next meet
  • time between bench press attempts in the bench only meet were 13 and 12 minutes due to a larger flight.
  • time between squat attempts (smaller flight) were 11 and 11 minutes
  • time between bench attempts were 10 and 8 minutes.  My third attempt came around quicker because other lifters took bigger jumps for their thirds.  With small flights, any change in the 'batting order' changes rest time dramatically.  8 minutes seems like enough time between attempts and it's much, much longer than I would take at the gym but at a meet, 8 minutes flies by.
  • time between deadlift attempts was 9 minutes between my first and second.  Again, that's fast when it's at the end of a meet and the attempts are 100% +/- 2% of your 1 RM.  
  • the whole meet took under 3 hrs.  We started at 7:15 and we were done deadlifting before 10:15.  There were two flights of lifters and we were all done getting our awards by 10:45 pm.  It was a very efficiently run meet.
  • a big thanks to my Toronto Rex teammates, especially Mark and Trish Boyle that stayed up late on Saturday to run my numbers and help with warm ups.
  • a special thank you to my Vivian for coming to watch me lift and for putting up with all my training and blogging. :)

post-meet beer at Chester's Beers of the World, Hamilton Ontario

That Rochefort 8 was amazing.  Chester's Beers of the World in Hamilton, Ontario is a gem of a place with an incredible selection of beers.  They even have three different types of Westvleteren beer including the 12.  It was $44.20 for a 330 ml bottle.  I didn't try one but some day when the occasion warrants, I'll go back there and see if they have any of that once-in-a-lifetime brew.

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