1st week post-meet, everything feels normal again

This week of training is over and things finally started to feel normal by today.  I was able to get in 5 times during the week.  Mostly just getting in some volume and working through some post-meet soreness.  The last couple workouts I've been working on a wider squat stance to see if it'll will help keep my torso more upright.  Today I worked with the wider stance and flat shoes and it felt pretty good with a light work weight.  I can definitely feel different muscles working so at the very least, it'll be a nice change of pace.

I also spent this week looking through some old powerlifting stuff I had saved from my first competitive period.  I found a program from the first state meet I entered back in March 1988.  Looking at the lifter list, it was amazing just how much powerlifting has grown over the years. Back in 1988, powerlifting in California was dominated by two federations, the USPF and the ADFPA (the precursor to the USAPL).  One might've thought that powerlifting was more popular in the 70's and 80's since it occasionally showed up on television.  However, looking at the number of entries in the 1988 ADPFA California State Championships versus the most recent 2014 Ontario Powerlifting Association Classic Powerlifting Championships, it's pretty clear that many more people are participating in drug tested powerlifting competition now.

In 1988, there were less than 100 lifters in the ADFPA California State Championship meet (one notable competitor, David Ricks in the 165 lb wt class).  There were almost 190 lifters in the OPA's 2014 Classic Championships.  Whereas I lifted in a community college gymnasium in 1988, in 2014, I was lifting in the main ballroom of a downtown Hamilton hotel.   I'd say powerlifting has come a long way even with the North American phenomena of a powerlifting federation for every day of the year.

drug-tested powerlifting promotion in 1988
drug-tested powerlifting promotion in 2014 and twice as many lifters
While it's true there was only equipped powerlifting back in 1988, the equipment of the day was nothing like it is now.  It barely added anything to your lifts and it was so fragile, you really only wore your squat suit or bench shirt a few times before the meet.  The knee wraps were pretty good though.  I was able to get about 70 lbs from a squat suit and knee wraps back in those days.  I was lucky to get 20 lbs from a bench shirt.  While there were no "raw only" competitions, many lifters didn't use bench shirts or wear squat suits for deadlifts.  The equipment demands certainly weren't the obstacle to participating like they can be today.

For what it's worth, I lifted 587.5 kg (205/122.5/260) as a first-time 90kg lifter. Based on an old pic from November 1988, I must've weighed around 193 for that meet.

I had been lifting, it just didn't look like it.  193 lbs in Nov 88

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