2014 Training recap, progress in the gym but not much to show for it on the platform

After hitting a milestone squat widomaker PR last week, I decided to take the rest of the year off to let all the aches and pains (not related to the squat workout) recover.  Holiday bulking has only resulted in about a 3 lb weight gain so that's not too bad for about 3 weeks (from the start of one company holiday party to now) of mostly ad libitum eating (yay pasta, pizza, hamburgers, chocolate, beer!).

Like my deadlift face, the progress of my competition results progress is potato.

Looking back at my training recap from 2013, it's a little discouraging that there has been so little objective competition progress:

Competition Goals and Results for 2013:

Squat:             240 kgs     actual 222.5 kgs (November 2013)
Bench Press:  160 kgs     actual 155 kgs  (June 2013)
Deadlift:         295 kgs     actual 285 kgs  (June 2013)
Total:             695 kgs      actual 660 kgs (June 2013)

Since I didn't hit any of my 2013 goals in 2013, I kept them the same for 2014.

In 2014, I didn't hit any of those competition goals either.
Squat goal:  240 kgs
I was able to hit a 225 kg squat in June 2014 weighing 111.7 kgs but was unable to duplicate or exceed this number while competing as a 105 kg lifter in either April or November 2014.

Bench Press goal:  160 kgs
In November 2014, I made a 155 kg bench press at a much lower bodyweight (102.4 kgs vs 111.3 kgs) than I was in June of 2013.

Deadlift goal:  295 kgs
I didn't increase my deadlift, the best I did was a 280 kg pull at 104 kgs in April 2014 (missed 290 at that meet)

Total goal:  695 kgs
I did not exceed my all-time total PR of 660 kgs although my 650 kg total at 104 kgs done in April 2014 is a slightly higher Wilks score than my 660 at 111.3 kgs from June 2013.

My training did go very well throughout the year:

Training consistency:

2011:  138 training sessions and 3 competitions.
2012:  124 training sessions and 3 competitions.
2013:  111 training sessions and 2 competitions.
2014:  186 training sessions and 4 competitions (3 full power, 1 bench only).

In fact my training went so well that it influenced me into making "n00b" mistakes at my last competition of the year.  

Whereas I ended 2013 weighing 238 (which later grew to 245-250 by August of 2014), I'm ending 2014 weighing 231.  My plan is still to drop to 215-220 in order to "re-comp" back to 230-235.

2015 Competition Goals (all done in the 105 kg wt class):

Squat:             230 kgs      Best 105 kg result:  220 kgs
Bench Press:  160 kgs       Best 105 kg result:  155 kgs
Deadlift:          290 kgs      Best 105 kg result:  280 kgs
Total:              670 kgs      Best 105 kg result:  650 kgs

Despite the lack of results in my competition results, it was a good year.  I got stronger and lighter at the same time and despite another year on the odometer, suffered through minimal wear and tear.  Even though I will have a more limited competition schedule next year (no Nationals and a big cruise vacation planned the month before Provincials so low expectations there), I'm excited about training.  If my 're-comp' (I hate that term because it sounds so "internet" lifting forum-ish but it really is what I'm doing) goes well, I may try to find a meet in September just to get some platform numbers on the board before I spend 11 days enjoying the Mediterranean with Vivian.

We won't be making a return to Ephesus but next October will bring many new photo opps in the Med.

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