2nd week training recap. Foundation building

Another week of training in the books.  Work on a wider stance squat is going pretty well, I'm still working with relatively light weight but the groove feels pretty good.  I switched back to my Crain's Power Shoes because they have less of a heel than my Adidas Power Perfect 2's.  The only thing I'm dealing with is some irksome tendonitis at the origin of my left hamstring.  I don't know which muscle it is exactly in the 'hamstring' complex that's being over-tensioned but the attachment at the ischial tuberosity is pretty tender and I'm not sure why.  I don't remember any specific incident where it felt like it tweaked but it just sorta built up to where it just doesn't want to loosen up in a reasonable amount of time.  I guess I'll try massaging it out and seeing if just goes away.

Earlier this week I tried the 8x8 set/rep scheme in the squat and it was interesting.  I've never done that one before and it's a bit of a mental battle.  While none of the sets were super tough, just knowing that you have 7 more sets after you finish the first one is enough to make you reconsider the reasons why you were doing it in the first place.  Strangely, the previously mentioned hamstring tenderness didn't come into play at all during that workout.

I also tried a bench press variation that I've never done before.  I tried the Vince Gironda style bench press to the neck (also called the guillotine press).  I did these after doing some higher rep paused bench presses and didn't go real heavy.  I could definitely feel the extra emphasis on the pectoral muscles and I was happy they didn't cause any shoulder distress.  I think I'll keep doing them on my lighter bench press day and see what happens.

I didn't get any deadlifting done this week but I did get in a decent volume of snatch-grip stiff legged deadlifts.  Again, these do not cause any issues with the hamstrings other than the standard soreness in the muscle bellies so they aren't the culprit behind my recent hamstring issue either.  I've also been trying to do a pull up variation almost every day but at the end of this week, I did notice that my left elbow flexors are getting a little fired up.  I'll pay close attention to it next week and if it starts to get worse, I guess I'll have to dial back the pull ups and maybe throw in some higher rep hammer curls to let the area blood up and heal.

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