Week 3 training recap and a slight change in training emphasis

Week 3's training was adequate, mostly maintenance type work.  I was able to get to the gym four times but it just didn't seem like that extra gear was there.  Maybe after pushing to try to have a good meet a the end of November just pushed me into a bit of a lull.  Or maybe, I'm finally starting to feel a little old.

I'm considering changing my training emphasis for the next 18 months or so.  While I'll still be training to compete at the Classic Provincials each year, a recent IPF rule change has changed my plans for 2016.  In the most recent IPF AGM, they changed their eligibility rules so that they are consistent with the IOC.  What that means is in order to represent a country at an IPF meet, the lifter needs to be a citizen of that country. Since I am only a landed immigrant of Canada, any hopes, however remote, of representing Canada as an M2 lifter in 2016 are eliminated since, even if I applied yesterday, the citizenship process takes 2-3 years.

While I do plan to eventually apply for citizenship, it won't be happening any time soon enough to allow me to consider representing Canada in the next 3-4 years so that frees up my travel budget. I was probably never going to be good enough to be the top M2 lifter in my weight class at a Nationals since Leon Brown is the same age as I, but there was always the possibility of filling a spot if there wasn't a full team of weight class winners, especially at a lower profile international meet like the NAPF's.  Not having to think about the possibility of budgeting for an expensive trip to Eastern Europe/Scandinavia, the Caribbean, or the West Coast means Vivian and I can plan different travel vacations (Hawaii, California, or the UK).

It also means I won't be travelling to any out-of-Province National meets.  While National meets are great fun, I just can't justify the travel costs to fly out of Province if it means taking away from a vacation Vivian and I could enjoy together.  So, with my Nationals and possible International meet calendar completely clear for the next 3-4 years, I've got some time to work on things I've been neglecting.

In the 7 years that I've been lifting with an emphasis on powerlifting competition as part of my therapy to go from obese to not so obese, I've never trained with any emphasis on aesthetics.  While I'm never donning posing trunks, I might put 4-6 months into emphasizing training my shoulders, arms, back width, and hamstrings/calves just to balance things out.  I'm not sure I can even do this since I am generally disgusted with the selfie-driven narcissism of the bodybuilding culture but I'll try to trick myself into thinking all the work is going to build my three-lift total.

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