Week 5, sessions 4 and 5 and January recap

Sessions 4 and 5 of last week on Thursday and Friday morning wrapped up January's training.  I had planned on getting in one last session for some deadlifts but my back was not feeling great so I decided to rest.  That turned out well from a pragmatic standpoint because we got a dumpload of snow on Sunday and Monday and I had to do a lot of snow shoveling.  Shoveling 5 times in two days with a sore back would've been pretty crappy.  Especially since I ended up with a sore back anyways.

Thursday AM:  

Squats: 135x5, 135x5, 225x5, low bar, 225x5, add belt, 315x5, 365x5, 365x5, 365x5

Stiff legged deadlift:  225x10, 315x10, 365x10

Thumbless barbell shrugs:  275x8, 275x5

Friday AM:  

Overhead press:  45x10, 95x5, 135x5, 165x5, 185x4, 185x4

Behind the neck press:  45x10, 45x10, 45x10

Bench press:  all reps touch and go, 135x10, 225x10, 255x6, 255x6

Wide grip chins:  5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Pulldowns:  150x10, 150x10, 150x8

Behind the neck pulldowns:  90x10, 100x10, 100x10

I decided to work in some behind the neck work on both the presses and pulldowns.  My mobility is limited so I'm only able to get the bar down to just below the top of my head but contraction feels good and there is no hint of shoulder wrecking yet. We'll see as my mobility improves and I start handling heavier weights.

January's training volumes were pretty good for a month used more as an introduction to training.  Looking back through my training log over the past few years and it seems as though I've unintentionally fallen into a pattern of about 4 months with higher volumes and intensities, about 4 months with low volumes and intensities (usually during the height of golf season), and 4 other months that end up bridging between the two.

January's volume and intensity compared with a 'bridging' month except that I don't have a competition in April as I did last year.  Since I probably won't compete again until November, I'm going to keep January's training scheme in mind for the next couple months.  I think the year will end up with 6 'bridging' months, 2 competition peaking months, and 4 months where lifting takes a backseat to the golf course.

January summary: 

18 total training sessions.

Squat:  7 sessions, 182 training lifts, 62065 total work volume.  Avg intensity (all reps at 50% of 1 RM or greater:  68.8%  (both high and low bar squats)

Bench Press:  10 sessions, 279 training lifts, 68250 total work volume, Avg intensity:  71.7%

Deadlift:  9 sessions, 204  training lifts, 71320 total work volume, Avg intensity:  56.7%  (intensity lower because of large number of Stiff legged deadlift sessions)

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