Week 7 and Week 8, no training

I trained once in Week 7 on Feb 12th in the AM.  Since that session, I haven't been back to the gym save for a deadlift seminar given by Mark Giffin on the evening of the 12th.  The deadlift seminar was excellent.  Even though attendees ranged from beginners to experienced competitors, Mark dispensed the kind of information only a veteran with 30 yrs of competitive experience at the highest level could offer.  I picked up some good information on how to best perform accessory movements as well as becoming more diligent and disciplined with my deadlift set up.

Despite the excellent seminar, I have been in a period of low motivation the past couple of weeks so I decided to stay away from the gym to "recharge the batteries", so to speak.  A fortunate side effect of this rather extended hiatus from the gym is a much reduced appetite.  I've been able to keep my average caloric intake at 2500 calories a day quite easily, something that is monumentally more difficult when I am in the gym 3-6 times a week.  I plan on getting back in the gym this week but the break has been nice.

Since, at the earliest, my next competition isn't until November, I probably won't even start training specifically for that until early August.  Until then, I will be focusing on letting some aches and pains heal up while trying to pay attention to some areas lagging in strength and muscle size.  This is the first extended period in the past 7 years where I am not specifically training for a meet or series of meets.  At this point, I am planning on taking a long-term view of things and trying to get my aging body sorted out so that I can make a real good push for that 400 raw wilks in 2016 when I turn 50.  Until then, I will be trying to keep things that currently hurt from hurting more and, if possible, letting them heal up so they don't hurt as much.

In the meantime, I have been spending some time sampling the various beers that show up in the local LCBO.  Some have been excellent and a nice nightcap at the end of a day.

an excellent strong beer

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