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Week 12, March 16-22, training update

After a 12 day layoff from the gym (or exercise of any type) and then two days back in the gym, I managed to catch a cold/flu that kept me out of the gym for another 9 days.  I guess I was due since I hadn't gotten sick with anything significant in quite a while.

February ended up being a very low volume training month.  Only 8 total training sessions with 4 squat sessions, 3 bench press sessions, and 3 deadlift sessions.  Total volume of work sets (more than 50% of my 1 RM) was:

Squat:  95 total reps, 27,700 lbs, avg lift: 292 or 58.8%  All of the work was beltless high bar squats so the intensity is somewhat understated since my 1 RM for that particular variation would be quite a bit less than my 1 RM for a competition, low bar back squat.  However, since I've never tested my beltless, highbar squat, I just use comp lift 1 RMs.

Bench Press:  92 total reps, 24,085 lbs, avg lift:  262 or 76.7%

Deadlift:  65 total reps, 23,225 lbs, avg lift:  357 or 57.9%.  These were a mix of …