Week 12, March 16-22, training update

After a 12 day layoff from the gym (or exercise of any type) and then two days back in the gym, I managed to catch a cold/flu that kept me out of the gym for another 9 days.  I guess I was due since I hadn't gotten sick with anything significant in quite a while.

February ended up being a very low volume training month.  Only 8 total training sessions with 4 squat sessions, 3 bench press sessions, and 3 deadlift sessions.  Total volume of work sets (more than 50% of my 1 RM) was:

Squat:  95 total reps, 27,700 lbs, avg lift: 292 or 58.8%  All of the work was beltless high bar squats so the intensity is somewhat understated since my 1 RM for that particular variation would be quite a bit less than my 1 RM for a competition, low bar back squat.  However, since I've never tested my beltless, highbar squat, I just use comp lift 1 RMs.

Bench Press:  92 total reps, 24,085 lbs, avg lift:  262 or 76.7%

Deadlift:  65 total reps, 23,225 lbs, avg lift:  357 or 57.9%.  These were a mix of stiff legged deadlifts and beltless conventional deadlifts.  So, again the intensity is understated since it is based off my competition 1 RM.

Because I got sick, I wasn't able to start training in March until the 8th.  Since then, I've been able to get 10 sessions in.  I've been keeping rep ranges on the high side (for me).  Work sets of 10 in the squat and sets of 8 in the bench press, deadlift and overhead press.  I've been doing everything beltless as well.  Right now my goals are to build up my work capacity, work on weak muscle groups, and try to maintain muscle mass while trying to cut 15-20 lbs.  I'm just about back down to the weight I was before Provincials in November, 225-227 lbs.

After Provincials, my weight floated back up to a high of 245 before I started a new cutting phase.  I'm pretty happy that the upper settling point was in the 240-245 range because it had been in the 250-255 range.  My plan is to get down to 210-215 and then let my weight slowly slide back up to 225-230.  I'm slowly trying to move my settling point down so that I can be a more solid 105 kg wt class lifter.

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