Week 14, March training review

After missing the first week of March due to being sick, I was able to get back onto a regular schedule and begin building up a base of work capacity.  Since I'm still on a slight caloric deficit, I've deliberately kept initial training volumes and frequencies on the low side.  However, since I'm training in rep ranges of 8-10 reps for most lifts, it still feels pretty tough.

I'm currently using a split of squats/leg accessory, bench press/back accessory, overhead press/deadlift, bench press/back accessory.  I go through that 4 day split over and over, usually taking Saturday and Sundays off as well as the odd day mid-week.  Every 4th time through a particular day, instead of training in 8-10 rep ranges, I'll work up to a top set of 3.  The reduced volume combined with the higher intensity functions as a bit of a deload while also keeping me somewhat accustomed to lifting heavier weights.  Since I started the schedule in the middle of a week some time ago, I don't have to worry about going 'heavy' multiple days in a row.

In the three weeks I was able to train in March, I was able to get to the gym 16 times.  The actual sessions dedicated to each of the three powerlifts were as follows:

Squat:  5 sessions, 207 total work reps, 55.7% avg intensity  All reps were highbar and most were without a belt while the Avg Intensity is compared to my 1RM competition low bar squat so in reality, the actual intensity as compared to my 1 RM highbar squat was higher.  I just don't track my 1 RM for squat variations at this time. Top triple on deload day was an easy 385x3.

Bench Press:  7 sessions, 224 work reps, 69.9% avg intensity  Top triple on deload day was 295x3.

Deadlift:  4 sessions, 94 work reps, 61.9% avg intensity   Volume and intensity were low on purpose.  I'm trying to rebuild my deadlift and working with lighter weights to try to feel the lift more in the muscles than the structures and joints. Top triple on deload days was 495x3.  It felt pretty easy but I didn't push it because it was the first time pulling more than 455 since early January.

Overall squat and deadlift volume is also low because my back hurts often.  I'm hoping as I rebuild work capacity and muscle mass in my back and hips that it will hurt less often.  In any case, my shoulders feel great so while I'm slowly dropping bodyweight, I'll keep up the upper body work to try to retain as much muscle and strength as possible.

Finished the month weighing between 231 and 233 in the morning so the weight is coming off slowly.  The good thing is, it's starting to feel like a normal weight so hopefully the days of bouncing up to 245-250 are gone.

Since I'm not training for anything at the moment and reviewing my foundation work is pretty boring, here's a throwback video from 1989 when I competed in the 220 lb wt class in the Winter Classic Deadlift Open in Granada Hills, Calif. I pulled 282.5 kgs but came in second by a comparative mile to an excellent lifter named Gary Herman.  He deadlifted 705 lbs pretty easily and then went on to do a 1200 lb two man deadlift with the meet promoter Chris Kostas after the meet was finished.

an old video capture of me from 1989.  I miss the hair.  

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