Week 15, April training has been pretty good so far

The first 10 days of April have been pretty good.  I was able to get in 7 workouts and the body feels good.  I have a built-in rest period the next 5 days because I'll be away on business and will only have access to a hotel fitness center.  The only time I'll be able to get there will be 0600 hrs and I'm sure there will be some late nights so I'm not counting on getting much work done in the gym.

I'm still training most lifts in the 8+ rep range but deadlifts are in the 5-8 range.  Volume and intensity for the squat (still exclusively high bar), bench press, and deadlift are up from March.  I dislike counting higher than 5 but I know the foundation I'm re-building will help when I start to focus on competition style lifts in August or September.

Main lift summary through April 10

Squats:            2 sessions, 90 work reps, 64% avg intensity
Bench Press:   3 sessions, 101 work reps, 76% avg intensity
Deadlift:         2 sessions, 56 work reps, 68% avg intensity

I've also been making a point of doing single leg calf raises because my calves are small and weak.  When I started doing them a few weeks ago, I could only do them every other day because DOMS and I couldn't do 3 sets of 10 on each leg.  I'm now able to train them every day and working towards 3 sets of 12.  When I get to 3 sets of 20, I'll start adding weight by holding a dumbbell.  Right now the goal is as much cosmetic as anything--if I'm wearing shorts down to my knees it definitely looks like I skipped leg day.  However, assuming there's benefit to building closed kinetic chain lifts from the ground up, correcting an extreme ankle extensor weakness should provide some benefit to my squat and deadlift.

Not guilty of skipping leg day, it just looks like it

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