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Week 22, May training recap and starting to build the calves

May was a good training month.  I was able to get to the gym 17 times and made some nice progress on all lifts.  Since this is still in what I'd consider the "off-season" because I'm not yet working towards peaking for a competition, I'm also happy that there are no new aches and pains that otherwise would require some amount of management.  And by "management" I mean, taking extra days off to recover or hitting the whirlpool and steam room after workouts.  I'm not a big believer in the benefits of training so hard that one's body is in a constant state of soreness or dysfunction so, unless I've got a competition in the near future and a deload/reload period is out of the question, I prefer to train through as little joint soreness as possible.

That may be sub-optimal for maximal strength development but I'm also looking at the long-range view and figure I need to stay active for the next 30 years or so.  I can appreciate the intensity …

New shoes reviewed, Adidas Drehkraft to replace my Adidas Power Perfect 2's

I don't know if I have bad luck with gym/workout shoes or if my experiences are typical but it seems like the shoes I buy specifically for lifting weights have abnormally high failure rates.  Back in 2009 I had trouble with two different pairs of Nike Frees.  That experience soured me on Nike's customer service so I've never seriously considered owning a pair or Romaleos.

In November 2012, I bought a pair of Adidas Power Perfect 2's during a "friends and family sale" through the website.  Those shoes performed well until I somehow managed to break an eyelet about a year or so ago.   Given that I only ever walked in the Nike Frees and only squatted, walked, and bench pressed (flat-footed) in the Power Perfect 2's, I did not expect any of those shoes to ever suffer a structural failure.

I have …

Week 18, April training recap

True to the pattern that seems to have emerged since the beginning of the year, I had another 7-10 day layoff from the gym in April.  I'm actually starting to enjoy the sequence of 5-6 weeks of training and 7-10 days off.  This time the time away from the gym was due to a business trip to Las Vegas.  After I got back, I spent another few days recovering from 5 days in Vegas for a total of 10 days of deload/unload.

Despite the long layoff, all of my training picked up right where it left off.  I'm taking that as a sign that the previous weeks' training required the long unload.  Looking forward, I have another 6 weeks of what should be mostly uninterrupted training until I have another week long business trip in the middle of June.  The rest of the year seems to fall into nice 6 week on/1 week off cycles until my next meet in November so I'll just stick with that.

April training summary:

Total sessions:  12

Squat:  3 sessions, 140 total training lifts, 64.7% avg intensi…