New shoes reviewed, Adidas Drehkraft to replace my Adidas Power Perfect 2's

I don't know if I have bad luck with gym/workout shoes or if my experiences are typical but it seems like the shoes I buy specifically for lifting weights have abnormally high failure rates.  Back in 2009 I had trouble with two different pairs of Nike Frees.  That experience soured me on Nike's customer service so I've never seriously considered owning a pair or Romaleos.

In November 2012, I bought a pair of Adidas Power Perfect 2's during a "friends and family sale" through the website.  Those shoes performed well until I somehow managed to break an eyelet about a year or so ago.   Given that I only ever walked in the Nike Frees and only squatted, walked, and bench pressed (flat-footed) in the Power Perfect 2's, I did not expect any of those shoes to ever suffer a structural failure.

how does a shoe fail like this?
I have no idea how the shoelace broke the shoe but after my experiences in 2009 with Nike, I didn't even bother approaching Adidas with a 2 yr old pair of discontinued shoes.  Thankfully, the midsole strap helped to offset the less than ideal lacing pattern that resulted from having to skip the torn eyelet.  Still, I kept my eyes open for sales because I wanted to get a new pair of shoes so that both my feet would feel the same when wearing them.

Last week, had another friends and family sale and while the Adipowers weren't eligible for the discount, the Adidas Drehkraft was. I was already familiar with the "BOA" lacing system from Adidas' golf shoes so I had no reservations about that particular technology.

Adidas Drehkraft weightlifting shoes

I had read online reviews of the Drehkrafts that suggested they ran slightly larger than the Power Perfect 2's so I bought a half size smaller.  I normally wear a 9.5 in everyday shoes and had bought size 9 Power Perfect 2's in order to get a more secure fit.  I was a little apprehensive about buying the Drehkrafts in 8.5 but I wanted a tighter fit than the Power Perfect 2's so that made trusting the online reviews easier.

The shoes arrived quickly and I had a chance to use them this morning.  They fit very well, nice and tight with no movement of my foot inside at all.  The BOA lacing system works great and it is a nice convenience to be able to loosen or tighten the shoes in between sets.  Heel height and heel-toe drop are both identical (as far as I can tell) to the Power Perfect 2's so it didn't change anything in my squat set up or execution.   I am hopeful that this pair will avoid the "premature failure jinx" that seems to follow my gym shoes around.

heel height comparison: left, Power Perfect 2's, right, Drehkraft

forefoot comparison:  left, Drehkraft, right, Power Perfect 2's

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