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Week 31, July training recap

As expected, July was a good month of frequent training.  With no scheduled trips, holidays, or special occasions, I was able to get to the gym 17 times. It felt good to push the volume up a bit and by the end of the month, I could tell I was getting just to the point of needing to back off.  Next week will be a deload for recovery and then hopefully another 4-5 weeks of solid training.

I have been almost exclusively squatting high bar without my knee sleeves since November.  Since January, I had only squatted low bar twice, the most recent time in June with knee sleeves.  I decided to work up to a top single this month just to see where things were and I was pretty surprised to find I had made significant progress.  In June, I had worked up to a triple with 435 but since it was the first time handling anything heavier than 405 since November, I stopped there.  This month, I decided I'd push my top triple higher and then go further based on how solid I felt.

I ended up matching my…

Introducing Leash and Keys, professional dog walking, pet sitting and house checks in the Oakville area

This blog post is blatantly marketing focused because I am very proud of my wife Vivian and her decision to go into business for herself.  Vivian decided to combine her love of animals, her experience volunteering for Canadian Dachshund Rescue, and her previous work experience at a luxury concierge service to start her own business, Leash and Keys.

Leash and Keys offers personalized dog walking, pet sitting, and house check programs in the Oakville area. Leash and Keys also offers private pet boarding services for those that see the value in having their cherished family member boarded as a member of our family rather than locked in a kennel for all but the hour or two of supervised play offered in most boarding facilities.

If you are in the Oakville, Ontario area and need the best in personalized dog walking, pet sitting, or house check services at reasonable prices, please contact Vivian at or call her at 905-599-1936.

week 27, June training recap

Even though I only got in the gym for 9 training sessions this month, it was a good month.  June included a scheduled deload due to a business trip so I was very happy to come out of the month feeling better and having made some nice progress.

My scheduled deload was due to a business trip for a conference in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories. I had never been anywhere in Canada west of Ontario so I was really looking forward to this trip.

 I was very surprised and happy to find out there was a nice gym in Whitehorse so I actually got in a couple good workouts before the conference started.  The gym was 2.5 kms from my hotel and since I didn't rent a car for the week, I walked to and from the gym each time.  Later in the week I also did an 18 km hike around a local lake with a buddy so I got in quite a bit of very low intensity cardio.  I dislike walking but I have to admit it felt pretty good.  I haven't resumed the habit of walking since I've been back but it really does help…