week 27, June training recap

Even though I only got in the gym for 9 training sessions this month, it was a good month.  June included a scheduled deload due to a business trip so I was very happy to come out of the month feeling better and having made some nice progress.

My scheduled deload was due to a business trip for a conference in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories. I had never been anywhere in Canada west of Ontario so I was really looking forward to this trip.

Point me to the Gold Rush

 I was very surprised and happy to find out there was a nice gym in Whitehorse so I actually got in a couple good workouts before the conference started.  The gym was 2.5 kms from my hotel and since I didn't rent a car for the week, I walked to and from the gym each time.  Later in the week I also did an 18 km hike around a local lake with a buddy so I got in quite a bit of very low intensity cardio.  I dislike walking but I have to admit it felt pretty good.  I haven't resumed the habit of walking since I've been back but it really does help offset sitting for many hours a day.

Any gym that has old pics of Arnold has to be good

Lifting summary for the month:

Squat:    5 sessions, 158 work reps, 68.2% avg intensity, also hit a 355x10 PR in the highbar squat

Bench Press:  5 sessions, 157 work reps, 74.1% avg intensity, also hit a 275x8 PR 

Deadlift:  1 session, 21 work reps, 68.3% avg intensity

It was nice to hit some rep PR's in the bench press and high bar squat.  I somewhat purposely laid off from deadlifting to allow my back to fully recover.  It feels pretty good going into the next 8 weeks of training.  The plan is to attempt a cut (I really mean it this time, lol) ending right around my birthday at the end of August.  Assuming I make any progress on that, it will give me another 8-10 weeks to train into Provincials in November.  I would like to be able to prepare for Provincials without having to plan for a water cut or any last minute bodyweight manipulations.  

Since Nationals are going to be a couple weeks earlier than in previous years and accounting for holiday/New Year's disruptions, the turnaround from Provincials to Nationals in 2016 will be only about 12 good training weeks long so there won't be time to overhaul anything.  As a result, I'm going to treat the run-up to Provincials and Nationals as a single long progression, mini-peaking for Provincials with Nationals as the primary goal.

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