August training recap, 11 weeks out from Provincials

Although I got 14 training sessions done in August, it was a relatively low volume month.  Both work reps and total poundage were done about a third from July.  This was planned as I intended for August to include some deload time.  Instead of taking one week very easy, the month ended up containing workouts of somewhat less volume, normal intensity,  but with greater amounts of days off in between.

Rather than doubling up main lifts on each workout (ie:  bench press/squat, squat/deadlift, deadlift/bench, etc), each session in August typically involved only one of the main lifts and filled in the rest of the workout with accessory work.  I started using a Gironda-style 8x8 set/rep scheme for exercises like parallel grip pulldowns, leg presses, and tricep pushdowns.  I also used that set/rep scheme for squats on a "light day", followed up by 8x8 on the leg press.  That particular session left my legs sore for two days, something that hadn't happened for a while.

Because the weights used in an 8x8 are pretty light (60-70% of a 1 RM) due to the short rest periods between sets (30-60 seconds), it doesn't beat up my joints at all and in fact, seems to help them recover.  I'll keep this in the rotation for another month and then decide if I need to focus the extra volume on the main lifts in the final 6 weeks before Provincials.  Right now, the assistance work seems to be supporting the main lifts very well.

Lifting Summary for the month:

Squat:  6 sessions, 199 work reps, 70% average intensity

Bench Press:  6 sessions, 168 work reps, 73.2% average intensity

Deadlift:  5 sessions, 89 work reps, 69.2% average intensity

During August, I set two new PR's, both in the squat.  I upped my 8rm to 405 lbs and finally squatted over 500lbs with a 505lb squat.  The goal for the next 11 weeks of training is to peak my squat and squat over 500 lbs in competition.  Right now, thinking optimistically, I would like to be able to attempt 230 kgs (507 lbs) as a second attempt with a third being 235 or even 240 kgs.

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