October training recap, 3 weeks out from Provincials

Roughly three weeks left before the Ontario Classic Provincials and things aren't really meeting expectations.  Which isn't to say things are going poorly, just that I think my expectations are incorrect.  What I have been unable to predict the last couple years, has been how my late 40's age body will react to training, especially the higher loads required in a pre-meet peaking phase.  I can feel fast and solid at 80% but at 90% or higher, not only does my positioning lose consistency but the amount of recovery I need from those sessions is much longer that I remember in younger years (not really that long ago, when I was 41-45).

At this point, I'll be very happy if I can match my gym PR in the squat, 505 lbs, that I set a number of weeks ago.  I'll also be happy if I can retain my current bench press numbers over the last 3 weeks since I'll have to cut a few pounds to make weight.  Deadlift is another story.  It feels great up to about 90% of my previous competition bests but I have no idea if I'll be good for much more than that this time around.  An added issue is some nerve damage in my left hand that's been causing atrophy of some of the muscles in my left hand for the past couple years.  Until lately, it hasn't affected grip strength especially since I've been hook gripping deadlifts for the past 5 years, but now it's even affecting my hook grip.  While I'm hopeful that my grip issues are a result of the crappy, non-competition style bars at the Y, I won't know until I get to the platform if I can rely on the competition bar's aggressive knurling to secure the bar.  If it comes to pass that I can no longer deadlift to my capacity due to this hand issue, I'll still train but platform days will be over.

Lifting summary for the month:

Squat:  8 sessions, 164 work reps, 72.6% avg intensity

Bench Press:  8 sessions, 171 work reps, 77.6% avg intensity

Deadlift:  3 sessions, 55 work reps, 74.1% avg intensity

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