September training recap, 6 weeks out from Provincials

September was a good ramp up to the final stages of preparing for Provincials in November.  I reconsidered my plans and decided not to compete at the CPU Nationals in 2016 so November 20-22 (whenever my weight class lifts) is now the only focus.  While Nationals are an amazing experience, the best competition experience a non-international team lifter can have, in the end, I just couldn't justify the travel expenses for something that only I could enjoy.  The $1000+ I would've spent on entry fees, airfare, hotel, food, parking, etc will be better spent towards a vacation for both Vivian and I.

Overall, I got in 17 training sessions and increased training intensity in all three main lifts.  I'm trying to balance training volume. lower back recovery, and increased intensity with my squat and deadlift workouts and so far, things feel pretty fresh.  I had one episode where I couldn't do my planned squat workout due to some unusually persistent sciatic pain but other than that, things are feeling better than ever.

On the fun side, Greg Nuckols wrote a couple of blog posts about "Your Drug-Free Muscle and Strength Potential".  Using the calculators in the two articles (link to part 1 and part 2 ), my estimated maximum total is approximately 741 kgs.  While that's still 10 kgs less than current National and World Champion Leon Brown, it's still 80 kgs higher than my lifetime best total.  So, it's fun to see that there's still a lot of potential there.  We'll see how much closer I can get before the gains finally stop.

On a less than fun side, another Ontario lifter failed a drug test.  This time it was a Junior competitor who in his first Ontario Powerlifting Association competition, totaled 595 kgs in the 93 kg wt class for an unimpressive Wilks of 379.  When someone is cheating just to be mediocre, you can't even use the "win at all costs" justification.  I don't get it.

cheating to be mediocre
Lifting summary for the month:

Squat:   6 sessions, 161 work reps, 74.53% avg intensity,

Bench Press:  9 sessions, 280 work reps, 74.45% avg intensity

Deadlift:  5 sessions, 107 work reps, 73.23% avg intensity

During the month, I set one rep PR, 425x5 is my new 5RM in the squat.  It wasn't a RPE 10 effort but it was what I had planned for the day and I had never used more for 5 rep set so it was what it was.  Going into the final 6 weeks before the meet, I'll be dialing in 3 rep sets of increasing intensity.  I'm sure I'll reset my 3RM at some point in the next 6 weeks in the squat.  Deadlifts and Bench Presses will be peaked with sub-maximal singles.

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