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Meet Recap, 2015 Ontario Powerlifting Association Classic Provincials

Well, my last meet as a M1 (40-49) division competitor came and went.  Some bad but mostly good things.  I suppose there will come a point where there is no longer an expectation that forward progress will be made but now is not the time.  Based on my experiences at this meet, I'm starting to get an idea of what it might feel like when I'm just trying to hold on and resist the inertia of the inevitable aging process.

My training leading up to the meet was, for the most part, pretty good.  I didn't have any new aches or pains (at least I didn't think so) and my bodyweight, while not as low as I would've liked, was low enough that I wouldn't need to do anything crazy to make the 105 kg wt class limit.  I was dealing with a weird loss of power in my back but it didn't come with any acute pain or muscle spasms so I really didn't know what to make of it.

Since I had booked my hotel room early to take advantage of a non-refundable, non-modifiable rate, I was…