November training recap

Since November culminated in a competition and because that competition didn't really meet expectations, there's not much to say about November that wasn't already said in my meet recap.

Squat:  4 sessions, 52 work reps, 73.8% avg intensity

Bench Press:  6 sessions, 114 work reps, 77.5% avg intensity

Deadlift:  2 sessions, 23 work reps, 69.8% avg intensity

In order to reduce strain on my back, I'm planning on competing in the 93 kg wt class in the future.  I've committed to a meet in May 2016 so that gives me 5 months or so to lose 25-30 lbs.  My goal for the meet in May is to make weight and get a Masters 2 (50-59 age group) qualifying total for Provincials.  The qualifying total requirement is very low so as long as I'm in the weight class, I should be able to meet the requirements (477.5 kgs).

For the next couple of months, at least, I'll be doing variations of the squat and deadlift at much lower loadings than my competition squat and deadlift so there won't be much point in tracking sessions, work repetitions or average intensity.  Right now, it's beltless, wide stance, high bar squats and stiff legged deadlifts.  Both at intensities less than 50% of my competition maximums.  The goal is to rebuild my mobility some as well as strengthening the posterior chain.  The upright stance from the wide stance high bar squats is taking stress off my back along with the much lighter weights used.  I'm also doing some single leg work via split squats and really hate them because I'm terrible at them.  This tells me that stability is a definite area of improvement.

Meanwhile, bench press work is continuing as normal except that I'm doing a fair bit of overhead pressing and lat/back work too.  Since I'll be dropping quite a bit of weight (hopefully), I want to make sure all movement patterns are stressed relatively equally in order to minimize muscle loss.

At odds with the weight loss plans are some Christmas season baking projects.  Oh well, it was worth it.  The gingersnaps and shortbread cookies I made were ultra tasty.

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