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Training update, weight cut update, sweet potato sheet bread

Back in early November 2015, I thought that I should consider dropping weight and since the next lowest weight class was 93 kgs, it would mean I would need to commit to a different set of priorities.   After a less than satisfying performance at the Provincial Championships later that month, I decided that changing my priorities had very little downside. My sore back was preventing me from even hitting previous levels, let alone set PR's in the total and it was pretty clear that carrying extra fat was not helping me make strength gains.

There's an old adage that goes along the lines of not ever becoming fat AND weak.  Well, with the stagnation of my progress and back soreness that was becoming chronic, I was now doing both.  And I can do something about "fat" part even if my body isn't letting me fix the "weak" part.  When I started the process, I was walking around at 240 lbs and required a combination of carb depletion the week or two prior along with…