Weight cut, first 20 lbs down. 15 more to go.

This week I hit 220 or 20 lbs down from my starting point.  Since I started this process about a week before Provincials on November 22 it's been 17 weeks or so.  The pace of weight loss has been about what I planned since I'm doing no extra exercise other than my 3-5 times a week weight training sessions.

I've been taking progress pictures but they're not particularly noteworthy since I'm still a mostly ab-less squishy person.  Maybe I'll have something presentable when I'm down to 205 but I'm not holding my breath.  I didn't start this process for aesthetic reasons so it doesn't make sense to shift goals mid-way.  I did start this process to eventually feel better and I can definitely say I feel as though I have more energy and my back hurts less, especially in the morning.

I've had to take some clothes in for alterations and more will eventually go to the donation pile but I had planned for these expenses to occur.  Along with smaller clothes, I have noticed some loss of strength in the squat and bench press but I've also seen increases in strength in other lifts/movements that I didn't train very much in the past so I think it's more due to a lack of practice.  Either way, things are still on track to make the 93 kg wt class (with an aggressive water cut) for my next meet in May.  Once I get a 93 kg qualifying total, I'll be able to plan a proper lead up to Provincials in November.

So far, along with the 20 lbs, I've measured the following changes:

Neck:  from 18" to 17.5"
Chest:  from 48" to 46.5"
Waist at hip bones:  from 38.5" to 36"
Hips:  from 43.5" to 42"
Arms:  from 18" to 17.5" (right arm)
Legs:  from 27" to 26"

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