Prep for Provincials, November 11-13, 2016, begins...
Now that I've officially competed as a 93 kg weight class lifter, the preparations for the next two competitions begins.  As of this morning, my weight was 219 lbs, up a few pounds from just before I started the water cutting process for last weekend's competition.  Next week, I'll be 24 weeks out from the Ontario Powerlifting Association's Ontario Open & Master Classic and Equipped Championships (Provincials, for short).  My goal is to be at or below 205 lbs by August 24th, the date I'm flying back to visit my family and to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I'll be out of town for about a week and while I will likely be exercising, I will also be drinking many local Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins area brewery product as well as other interesting beers found at the local liquor warehouse.  I will also be getting my fill of mexican food and Mom's home cooking.

A portion of the Micro-brewery section at a store in Boulder

Just the whiskey section!
After returning from Colorado, it will take a few days for my weight to normalize back around 205 and I'll have 9 weeks to prep/peak for Provincials.  Vivian and I have a vacation planned for October that will put a short delay into the peaking process but I'll have a good 2-3 weeks to sharpen up my lifting form by meet time.

After Provincials, I will likely enter the Canadian Powerlifting Union's CentralCanadian Championships in lieu of travelling to Saguenay, Quebec for the CPU Nationals in March.  There are 6 weeks between Provincials and the Central Canadian Championships, with one of those weeks being the Christmas/New Year's period.  It'll be a short turn around and not enough time to rebuild anything in the event something breaks, but the competition is only a short drive away.

So, the basic outline of my training priorities is:

From now until August 24th, 14 weeks to lose 15-19 lbs.

From September to the meet, 9 weeks to prep with no weight loss/weight cut to interfere.

From November 20 to January 6, 2017, 6 weeks to run a short mini re-peak for the Central Canadian Championships, again with no weight loss/weight cut priorities.

Training set from earlier this week, set 1 of 3, 495x3, bodyweight 219 lbs.  Felt better than it did a week before the meet at a similar bodyweight.  Right were I want to be, in a good position to build the deadlift back up to previous levels for November.

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