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SBD Lever belt review -- TL DR; it's good, very good.

I turned 50 this past summer and a couple months ago, my beloved Vivian threw me a surprise birthday party.  Among many of the unexpected but very much appreciated guests were Mark and Kinnon from my powerlifting team, Toronto Rex Powerlifting Club.  Even though Mark and Kinnon had already brought beer, they also brought a card and a gift on behalf of the team.  The gift was a e-gift card for Inner Strength Strength Products, a powerlifting supplies company run by Ryan and Rhaea Stinn.

Among the many excellent products they offer on their website, one of most popular lines is the array of products from SBD.  A few months ago SBD introduced their lever belt.  While lever buckle belts have been around for probably 30 years now, it wasn't until SBD that a lever buckle belt combined the same easy-to-adjust fit as a single or double prong buckle with the easy-to-apply tightness of a lever.  Since I already have a singlet and knee sleeves, I decided to apply the gift card to one of th…

2016 Ontario Open and Masters Powerlifting Championships, Classic division report

Almost 1 year ago, I sat down and wrote up my performance at the 2015 Ontario Powerlifting Association Masters and Open Classic Provincials.  While I had performed well in the squat and bench press, my lower back was not cooperative and I had a poor deadlift performance.  Immediately after that competition, I made the decision to lose weight on the premise that walking around at 240-245 lbs was doing my back no favors. As I moved into the M2 age group (50-59), I needed to consider making life easier on all of my joints and internal organs that have to deal with carrying around so much weight.

A "walking around weight" of 240-245 lbs meant that I always needed to cut 10-15 lbs in order to make the 231 lb (105kg) weight class limit.  In the past I had accomplished this by dieting for a month or so and then cutting the last 4-7 lbs by drying out over the last 24-36 hrs before weigh-ins.  While this is very much standard operating procedure in the powerlifting world (2 hr weigh …

8 days out from next meet and training thoughts

Since my last training blog entry almost 2 months ago, a couple things have changed.  One, I won't be lifting in the 93 kg weight class on November 11th.  Two, I've added in morning sessions of cardio training (plus assorted accessory movements time permitting).

Number two in that list actually came before number one and was actually intentioned originally as part of my strategy to lift in the 93 kg weight class.  However, I have not lost weight due to the extra energy expenditure, in fact, I've gained weight, so I'll be in the 105 kg weight class.  This morning I woke up weighing 228 lbs.  About 8 lbs more than where I was when I wrote my last blog post in early September.  Reasons for the weight gain?  I've eaten more probably.  Vivian and I went on a cruise in early October.  While there was a lot of walking both on the ship and on shore adventures and I managed to hit the ship's gym 4 times, I still ended up with a +15 lb bloat when I got back home.  Some o…