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Priorities changing with age

While I've been talking/posting/writing about getting my bodyweight down to 200-205 lbs for a number of years now, this time I'm really going to do it--no guarantees--but the conditions for achieving this goal seem as encouraging as they've ever been.

Despite turning 51 later this summer, I don't feel like I've run out of PR's, either in absolute weight lifted or relative weight lifted (wilks coefficient).  That being said, I've reached the point where I'm putting long-term quality of life ahead of chasing PR's.  At my current height of 5' 9" (I don't think I've started shrinking yet), walking around at 230-235 lbs is simply too much load for my joints to bear as I start down the path from middle age to old age.  I'm very fortunate that I have no real aches and pains in my feet, knees, or hips and only a bit of morning stiffness in my back.  Perhaps a blessing from the curse of mediocrity since many formerly world class powerlif…

First time fully equipped squatting (single ply) in almost 7 years.

After my last competition in early January, I knew I had 11 months before my next one so I decided to do some slightly different things.  Some for variety's sake, some because I have weakpoints that I've consistently neglected over the last couple years.

One of the things I started doing once I got back into the gym was gradually implementing overload (in comparison to raw/classic) squats using knee wraps.  After a number of weeks getting re-acclimated with squatting in knee wraps, I decided I'd break out my old Titan Super Centurion squat suit and go all-in on the overload work.

I last used this suit in August 2010 when I lifted in the Niagara Open.  At that time, I was walking around at 228 lbs but had cut weight to make the 220 lb weight class.  Because the squat suit was originally purchased when I was walking around at 250 or so and competing in the 242 lb weight class, it didn't provide near the carryover I had enjoyed just a few months earlier when I lifted at …

3 years of training volume and frequency...

tl;dr I don't really lift weights that often but I keep track of some things and I've been consistently active for the past 7 years. I guess if I was more serious about this powerlifting thing, I'd make use of more detailed metrics and analysis (like what's offered by but for what time I can put into it, my little spreadsheet log still helps me plan things.

I've been logging my training on a spreadsheet for the past 7 years but for the last three (2014, 2015, 2016), I've also been keeping a separate tally of main lift workouts.  As a rule, I only count sets and reps with weight that is at least 50% of a 1 RM.  What I've used as a 1 RM has typically been my all-time competition 1 RM--the only exception is the deadlift where I've used my "masters career" 1 RM since my all-time 1 RM is higher (292.5 kg vs 285 kg).

Going into 2014, my competition bests from 2013 were 490/341/628  (lbs, squat/bench/deadlift).

Squat workouts: …

Meet Report: 2017 CPU Central Canadian Championships, PR's and age group records!

tl;dr  I had a really good meet, hit some PR's and set a National age group record in the deadlift

Training between my last meet, Provincials in November 2016 and now had gone really well.  I reduced my training days down to two days a week, squat/bench press and deadlift/bench press.  I felt like this allowed my back (my layman's term that refers to the achy deep parts of my back) to recover even if my squat and deadlift muscles could handle a bit more frequency.  I had hit some deadlift numbers in training that I hadn't hit for a couple years and my squat was showing real progress since November's surprisingly fast 215 kg third attempt.

Going into the meet, I had stretch goals of hitting a 227.5 kg squat, a 155 kg bench press, and a 282.5 kg deadlift.  While not out of the realm of possibility, hitting all three would mean I would total 665 kgs, a 15 kg PR and an improvement of 45 kgs from November.  So, clearly not entirely realistic, no matter how well training had…